Tin Man


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Tin Man

What have I to offer thee?
I have nothing more than me
No riches nor am I well known
A quiet mien is all I own

A gentle heart is what I bare
In solitude it’s all I wear
Peaceable in all my days
Parsing life’s fickle ways

And what have I to do with thee?
Whose very nature captures me?
Snared by sweet and smiling glances
Whose fair and comely eye entrances

Would that I could be more brave
Like some impudent knave
And win anon the moment’s pause
Despite all my lacking flaws

To speak with undaunted pitch
And break this lasting tongue-tied stitch
To dream of daring chosen words
And risk expressing hopeful chords

But, tell this idle time goodbye
Dreaming of a life gone by
And of a chance I once let slide
Rusting from the rain inside.

Aeglyn Sep’2017

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