5 Feel-Good Songs With Religious Themes

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Music has a way of getting in our bones and reaching into the core of who we are. For instance, lyrics stay with us far longer than the spoken word and I often find myself singing a song I learned back in my middle school years. Some of the darkest days of my life have been punctuated by soothing melodies that reminded me of uplifting memories and a brighter future yet to come. Despite the fact that a lot of the music I listen to comes from a secular source, many songs contain religious themes that remind me of eternal truths. Here are 5 feel-good songs with eternal truths to brighten your day.

1. Sometimes a Prayer will Do sung by Celtic Woman


First of all, Celtic Woman is a wonderful group. Second of all, the art of prayer is a powerful tool given to us. Just to be clear, prayer is not a cure-all that immediately removes hard things from our lives. However, it is a channel by which we allow ourselves to communicate and reach out emotionally. While it may not always change the severity of the situations in which we find ourselves, prayer does provide us with an opportunity to change our perspective, make a connection, or alter our attitude. Certainly, internal peace is the first step to external peace.

2. Nunca Pensé by David Archuleta

ReachingThere are times we all feel alone and unconnected. From time to time, we’re standing in a crowd without feeling like anyone sees us, silently howling for someone to know us. But we have to know to be known. As we reach out, people reach out in return. So, reach. Every day I tell myself to reach. You too! It just takes a word to reach out. Those we reach to will stay with us, no matter where we go or what we do.

3. Fractions by Through Juniper Vale

Broken reflectionThrough Juniper Vale has such a nice sound and this song really brightens my day. Certainly, life will break us apart. Nonetheless, as our old selves are broken, we can be made into something stronger and more perfect. For example, when I mess up in front of people or do something embarrassing, it’s not fun! Despite these moments, every day I’m learning and growing. We all are. That’s why we gotta treat others how we wanna be treated.

4. Cat’s in the Cradle sung by Harry Chapin

Man Blue JacketMy favorite metaphor from this song is “Little boy blue and the man on the moon.” I don’t call my family enough and I don’t hang out with my friends enough. But sometimes I spend hours and hours watching Netflix. Where are our priorities? What is important to us is what we will prioritize. When we know where our priorities are, we can build healthy and long-lasting relationships with those who really matter. All it takes is a little time.

5. 20 Years by Bad Suns

Calendar“Every day is progress, but every day feels just the same.” There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon that says that small and simple things bring to pass great things. At times, we feel like what we’re doing doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, the actions we take every day are building character. These tiny actions are who we will become.


Music doesn’t always have to be a hymn or directly speak of Christ to carry eternal truths. I hope these 5 feel-good songs with religious themes make your day. For more feel-good songs to send your spirits soaring, read this article by Madeline McBeth, 17 Songs To Make Your Heart Sing On Sunday (That Aren’t MOTAB) or check out this article by Jenna Crowther, 11 Inspiring Songs to Perfect Your Sabbath Day Playlist.

So, how does your music reflect what you believe? Feel free to post below.

Rachael is a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She's an avid lover of Dungeons of Dragons, Boggle, Scrabble, and Quiplash. Rachael cares deeply for her friends and family. Although she may be far from her home, they're never far from her heart. She's currently an intern writer for Third Hour just looking to share some good vibes.