The CES Letter


The CES Letter was written by Jeremy Runnells to the Church in his attempt to get some honest answers to questions he had.

Here are 4 of the questions he asked with some of our references that we hope will answer them for you.

Question: Why did Joseph Smith use a seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon?

Supporters: Believe that Joseph Smith utilized a seer stone as a tool for receiving divine revelation, consistent with his understanding of revelation and previous translation practices.

Skeptics: View the use of a seer stone as unconventional or unfamiliar, but acknowledge its alignment with Joseph Smith’s cultural context and consider it as part of his translation process.

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Question: Why are there multiple accounts of the First Vision with differing details?

Supporters: Emphasize that the core message of the First Vision remains consistent across different accounts, highlighting Joseph Smith’s visionary experience and encounter with God and Jesus Christ.

Critics: Point out variations in details as evidence of inconsistencies or embellishments, suggesting that evolving narratives may result from retrospective reinterpretation or adaptation to different audiences.

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Question: Why did the Book of Abraham translation not match with Egyptologists’ understanding?

Supporters: Acknowledge the discrepancy between the Book of Abraham translation and Egyptologists’ interpretations. They propose alternative theories, such as Joseph Smith receiving revelation beyond traditional translation methods.

Skeptics: Highlight the dating of the papyri fragments used for translation and their alignment with common Egyptian funerary texts, questioning the Book of Abraham’s authenticity as a translation.

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Question: Why does the Church teach that Native Americans are descendants of Lamanites when DNA evidence suggests otherwise?

Supporters: Recognize that Church teachings on Native American ancestry have evolved. They emphasize the spiritual message of the Book of Mormon and the connection between indigenous peoples and the Lamanites while acknowledging the complexities of genetic studies.

Critics: Highlight DNA evidence indicating diverse genetic origins for Native Americans, including migration from Asia, which contradicts the traditional understanding of exclusive descent from Book of Mormon Lamanites.

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