What Have the Prophets and Apostles Been up to During Quarantine?

quorum of the twelve apostles and first presidency 2018
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Well, folks, we are heading into month six of the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown. I’m sure you’ve felt a range of emotions and found some super creative ways to pass the time. I know I have! Seeing a post from our prophet, President Nelson, this week made me wonder what our prophets and apostles have been up to during this crazy time.

Luckily, the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles all use their social media accounts quite frequently. Let’s check them out and see what they’ve been doing!

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Ulisses Soares

Elder Soares took some time to remember his Brazillian ancestors. He even made a video about it! I think it’s a great idea to remember our ancestors and do some family history while we’re staying home.

Gerrit W. Gong

Elder Gong decided to really start “blooming” and did some gardening with his wife! I’m glad I’m not the only one who took up gardening during the pandemic. He wrote a great post about learning to slow down when times get hectic.

Dale G. Renlund

Elder Renlund has put a big focus on the temple, even though they’re closed right now. He was part of a super neat video that taught me how I can focus on my temple covenants during this time. How will you apply his teachings?

Gary E. Stevenson

Meanwhile, Elder Stevenson has been pondering the fact that the Restoration of the gospel is still happening today. This is a great thing to remember, especially when changes happen in the Church. God is always revealing things to His prophets and apostles!

Ronald A. Rasband

Elder Rasband is busy preparing for a Face to Face event that will be happening on September 13th. On his Instagram, he left an invitation to those who will be tuning in. While it’s tailored to young adults, everyone can gain inspiration from this event! Will you be watching?

Neil L. Andersen

It looks like this apostle has been going through some old family photos! Elder Andersen shared an adorable photo of himself riding a horse as a young boy. He left some great words of encouragement that you won’t regret reading.

D. Todd Christofferson

Elder Christofferson invited us to read our scriptures with the extra time we’ve been given. He shared a powerful testimony about how we can be supported during this time if we do so. BRB, grabbing my scriptures!

Quentin L. Cook

Elder Cook asked us to think of this time as an alarm clock awakening us unto God! I have definitely felt the Spirit calling me to repent and grow closer to my Heavenly Father these last few months. What about you?

David A. Bednar

According to a recent Instagram post from Elder Bednar, he has been exercising during the pandemic! I wish I could say the same. This apostle always does a fantastic job with metaphors and this one was no different. Check out this inspiring post!

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I was brought to tears by Elder Uchtdorf’s recent article titled, “Don’t Mask Your Heart.” He has been using a lot of technology these past few months to stay close with his family. It is crucial that we maintain these eternal bonds!

Jeffrey R. Holland

Elder Holland has been utilizing something he calls “character time.” He was blunt, as per usual, in his most recent post when he called us to repentance. We should be using this time to “search our souls,” he said!

M. Russell Ballard

Elder Ballard shared his testimony of fasting. Remember the incredible experience of fasting with the entire world? While COVID-19 may not be over yet, I know that this fast brought (and continues to bring) miracles. What miracles have you seen from fasting?

Henry B. Eyring

President Eyring has such a powerful testimony of the Savior. On all of his social media accounts, he has posted countless times about the love Jesus Christ has for all of us. I am so grateful for these reminders!

Dallin H. Oaks

Of all the prophets and apostles, President Oaks has been the quietest on social media. I’m sure he is using this time to get some rest and time with his cute family. The one thing he has posted since General Conference was a beautiful testimony of the scriptures.

Russell M. Nelson

Oh, how I love President Nelson. I especially love this picture of him vacuuming in his home. Even the prophet has to do chores! He has posted quite a bit on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I especially love his thoughts on the sacrament.

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I am overwhelmed with gratitude for living prophets who guide our church today. Social media is incredible! Even during the months between General Conferences, we are never left without guidance from our leaders. Follow them and you will never be led astray.

Did any of the prophets and apostles activities give you inspiration? Let us know how you’ll be spending the next month of quarantine in the comments below! Stay safe!

Brooklyn Gittins is an enthusiastic member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has written for food and lifestyle blogs but is currently sharpening her skills as a writing intern for Third Hour. She enjoys spending time with her husband, petting dogs, and eating buttered noodles.