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    New Family Search program

    Over the weekend I went to my local Family History Center, and learned a bit about the new program that is coming. I'm not sure what I learned is accurate. I had a family group sheet that I had printed from the IGI, that did not show any temple ordinances done for the wife other than sealing. I was going to arrange for the rest of the work. I found the Temple Ready software and searched it, only to be told that the Temple Ready database they have is only local and it's 5 years old. They suggested I go buy PAF Insight from Ohana Software. I guess this software searches the IGI in a way that I can't even though I log in with my membership login. So I'm supposed to run my Gedcom through their program (PAF Insight), then once I have done that, save it to a thumbdrive, take the thumdrive to the Family History Center where they will do something with it, then I take it to the Temple where they do a thing that results in little cards I can use to do the temple work. They also told me that after the new program is available in Utah, I will still need this other program. ... Anyone have any insight?
  2. FamilyHistoryGeek

    Ancestral File

    Is Ancestral File the same as In looking through the IGI, I see this message often: Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church to request LDS temple ordinances. No additional information is available. Ancestral File may list the same family and the submitter. By "Ancestral File" are they referring to the database at or is there yet another database somewhere I should access?
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    I am interested in learning how Scouting is doing in the various geographic areas of the churh?
  4. FamilyHistoryGeek

    Flat Home Teaching

    When I go home teaching, it is very awkward. I can't get the couple that I teach to talk. They always say there are no problems, yet I know they have at least one inactive daughter, and the husband's father recently passed away. I had to hear of it from other people. I first thought it was me, they didn't trust me or something. I even talked to them about it, I talked to the HP group leader about it. .... I just don't get it. And there are my home teachers. They come and give a lesson. But there really isn't a connection. They ask if I need anything and if I say yes, they tell me where to go or who to ask for help. Where is the bonding and friendship that is supposed to happen? I go so that I can say I got it done, because my efforts to do what I understand is my assignment are me t with apathy. I suspect this is common. What are your experiences?
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    Hey British type folks

    Here is a forum that focuses on British Genealogy. Maybe it will help: B-G Forums sponsored by Parish Chest Ltd. - Powered by vBulletin
  6. FamilyHistoryGeek

    How to Get Names Ready for the Temple

    Does anyone know of a good source, book or site, of how to get names ready for the temple? Say, for example, I have an ancestor, call him Fred Mertz (in honor of the guy from the I Love Lucy show). I don't know if Fred's work has been done. How do I find out if his work has been done? If it hasn't been done, what info is required for submission? Once I have all the info required, where do I send it to? I'm looking for a book that answers these questions. Or maybe a website.
  7. FamilyHistoryGeek

    Does Anyone Have Any Good Line?

    I have four family history books that may have information someone is looking for. Here are the names: Christen and Boletta Christensen and descendants Jens Christensen and Anne Jensen Barrett George Lawrence I don't have dates and more specific identifyers for these right now, I will add them later. If anyone is looking for these lines, send me a message and maybe I can help.
  8. FamilyHistoryGeek

    Scottish Clans

    Just to add to possible helps, here is a link to a forum specific to Scottish Family History: General Scottish Family History - B-G Forums sponsored by Parish Chest Ltd.
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    My favorite site to send people who are just starting is this one: Family History Quick Start | Free Genealogy Searches, Resources, and More They have some well-paced lessons for free.
  10. FamilyHistoryGeek

    Happy to Meet You

    Hi, my name is Gary. My handle here is FamilyHistoryGeek because I am into family history and computers (Geek). I am married, have six kids, and live in St. George, Utah. I am interested in meeting people and making friends. This seems like a wonderful site, I'm actually surprised I hadn't found it before.
  11. FamilyHistoryGeek

    Announcing my website and blog

    Hello: I am a professional webmaster and have several websites. When I read about Elder Ballard's talk at BYU-Hawaii, I decided my current project needed to promote an LDS voice. I've been working locally in St. George helping people create family history websites, and so I decided to create my own promotional website centered on family history as well as a blog. As I teach my clients to pick a subject you are passionate about, I am passionate about family history. Here are the links, the first to my new website and the second to my blog. Digitize Family History Family History Geek My profession is teaching people how to make money with websites and blogs, so this is where I'm putting my profession and my faith to work all at once. Feedback is welcome and requested. Thanks.