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  1. Jbs2763

    U-pick em football pool

    eh, maybe...i sucked last year and got sidetracked too much to play every week at least i did better than the SD Dolts
  2. mexican phone company
  3. can't join the army..done been kicked out twice for medical....and with the p*** poor quality of the upper "managment" (meanign the CinC) my g/f wants me to move out closer to her, i got a buddy that'll let me use his condo out there tilli get squared away...so yeah, im likley moving to seattle.. figure somethin out out there....if i don't find somethin in a few months...i'll try and get to Afghan
  4. yeah, got laid off, and since i was techncially working for a company out of Dubai...not elegilbe for unemployment... if i can't find nothin stateside in the next couple months..im goin to Afghanistan or at least try to
  5. Jbs2763

    I'm Convinced the End is Coming

    I think the a Antichrist lives one country over from me.... President Amajeebajab or whatver he calls him self...i say silly goose
  6. Jbs2763

    Miss America- Saving Abel

    this is one of my new favorite songs... heard these guys talking about it on Bob and Tom when i was back in the world...they wrote this on a USO tour...major kudos to them
  7. Jbs2763

    White House holding border security hostage?

    hope y'all that wanted him are happy.... you wanted change we got it before too long our kids will be goose stepping in kindergarten
  8. Jbs2763

    This site is banned in UAE

    i just found it amusing...of course i never did play with the internet at the hotel cause its like $6 hr only 12 bucks for a one day purchase here in Bahgdad
  9. I tried to log on this morning from the airport in Dubai....and got a big red NO symbol...this site, for some reason is strictly verbotten in the United Arab Emirates....go fig
  10. Jbs2763

    Intimate apparel for endowed members?

    what about pajamagram.com? i think thats the website all the radio guys push for christmas and valenties day
  11. Jbs2763

    Best LDS dating sites?

    yeah beefche...but i didn't bring my hip waders to Iraq
  12. Jbs2763

    College League Expansions

    I thing the Cougs should move to the Big 12...they can run with the big boys...the Utes on teh other hand...just stick them in some Divisoin 3 conf. so they can win a few
  13. Jbs2763

    Best LDS dating sites?

    yeah, after the last silly goose i met on ldsplanet...running background checks now....she was 100% full of poop
  14. Jbs2763

    Best LDS dating sites?

    ldsplanet i'm a member of, and eharmony...whatever you do...i HIGHLY reccomend full background checks