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  1. noband

    What do people think of The Book of Mormon?

    Being that it was from the South Park creators and have been on the receiving end of some anti-Mormon things they played on that show, I didn't figure it showed the church in a very good light.
  2. noband

    Writing for Fun?

    I really started getting into writing years ago. Had a lot of fun, but work has gotten in the way. I keep saying that when work slows down (or I hit the lotto) I'll start up again. All my writing has a very religious and thinly veiled LDS tone to it. Some I buried, some I posted on my web site, and others are only ideas and notes. Keep trying to start my master piece, "Posing as People". Maybe I'll run out and actually buy a lotto ticket for once. Dollar and a writer's dream...
  3. noband

    Check out my new book!

  4. Thanks for the reply Martin and Volgadon! I was looking to add it as a line in a short story I was writing for the Monsters and Mormons Anthology (Monsters & Mormons | A Motley Vision). I have a jewish friend at work and she asked her Rabbi. He suggested, ""Taytze men haadam, ayin hara!" I don't know if I will get selected, but if I do I will be able to do an edit. Which do you think would be better? Thanks!
  5. If so, I really need this line transliterated: "Come out of the man, unclean spirit!" I've searched all over the Internet and there are plenty of sites that will translate it into Hebrew characters, but I couldn't find any that translierate to Hebrew in English letters. I'm writting a short story and the line would really sound better in Hebrew. Thanks, Steve
  6. noband

    Free LDS book

    Cool! I knew there was another group involved with the Monsters and Mormons anthology, but I wasn't familiar with them.
  7. noband

    Free LDS book

    Thanks for the posts. Urbanfool actually inspired me and I just received my createspace proof yesterday. I'm going to check it over and hopefully have it approved in the next couple days. I'll post when it's ready. Kindle is in my sights next, but I need to finish up my submission for's "Monsters and Mormons" anthology first. There's definitely a growing market for LDS centered lit, although I found the publishing process tedious (thus posting my book online instead). I thought about looking for an agent, but couldn't find an LDS specific one. Miztrniceguy/imon or anyone else do that sort of thing? I have a few other books in the works.
  8. noband

    Free LDS book

    I've been thinking about it. There has been a few people tell me that they don't like to read online, but since I posted it for free I didn't know if anyone would buy it. I think Amazon is free to setup, so it certainly wouldn't hurt.
  9. noband

    Free LDS book

    Just an FYI. The whole book is out there now. Total 33 chaps.
  10. noband

    Free LDS book

    Hope you enjoy the story. If you like it, please tell a friend.
  11. noband

    Free LDS book

    Can't beat free right? I write as a hobby and have finished an LDS young adult novel. I started going through the whole publishing process, but quickly realized that Christ could return before I got it in print. Besides, I didn't write it to get rich or famous (rich would be nice though). I just want people to read it. I'm posting a chapter a week, 6 are already out there. Visionaries: The Young Prophets My promo: What would you do if one night you had a heavenly vision? Keep it a secret? Tell the world? Would it change your life or would you stay the same? "Visionaries: The Young Prophets" follows the story of Elijah Abbot, a teenage boy in a small town, and how a heavenly messenger changes his life and the lives of those around him. But Elijah is not alone. Thousands of children around the world share his experience. Now Elijah, with the help of family and friends, must find out what the visions mean and where it will lead them and all mankind.