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  1. I wonder why other drinks don't come in the tall Arazona cans (Arazona is an iced tea though they do have a fruit punch-which I have right now-and it comes in these massively tall cans, I think Beer comes in cans this big too... wish like Mountain Dew came in them too).
  2. What do you think it means to be a man then? I'm generally curious.
  3. Not totally sure where to find that, so was responding to what was written in the thread. Don't feel its nessisary to read it to ponder gender roles and the values of different countries. Was there a video of this... is it on one of the LDS' sites...What's a Church Coordinating Council anyways?
  4. What if you don't live in America, Canada has different values then America, the UK has different values, France, Germany, etc... I agree with them in that I don't believe gender is predetermained in the pre-mortal existance if such a thing exists. While I think the other gender names sound a bit silly, it doesn't bother me at all. Why should there be a "gender distinction" I certainly don't follow what it means to be a man most of the time, I collect dolls and dislike most sports and have really always been this way. There was no drive for me to like go out hunting or play football. It was never pushed on me I was simply allowed to like what I wanted, and that's what I chose. What evidence to you have, you claim to have a lot of it...
  5. I wonder what its like liking a sport that's not hockey...
  6. I get grouchy and stuff! Oh and if faith is " is not to have a perfect knowledge of things" why do so many religious folk say they know instead of believe.
  7. reading?! why start it off on the most boring foot lol I kid, though I do wonder if I would do any reading...I mean the people who write these books certainly don't envision people like me existing, or getting married. The crazy such as myself are seldom successful at it, but I'd read President Kimball's book anyway, wouldn't hurt.
  8. No I'm just saying I'd trust a person I knew a little more if I knew them. Someone could always poison me no matter how much they know me.
  9. I couldn't imagine any scenario where I could sleep in the same room as someone I didn't know really well and trust them not to murder me in my sleep