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  1. Janadele

    Reaching out for support after reading the Essays

    WannaBelieve, May be interesting and productive to read: Shaken Faith ... Mike Ash "For struggling members, or family and friends of struggling members, this is the “go-to” book for understanding the emotional turmoil that accompanies testimony-damage, and provides answers and resources to assuage the doubts which may impede faith." http://deseretbook.com/Shaken-Faith-Syndrome-Mike-Ash/i/5106855
  2. Janadele

    News release from First Presidency.

    Burying ones head in the sand does not help the reality of the importance of who controls the Governing forces. Electing representatives is crucial, and the responsibility to do so should be taken seriously and prayerfully by all.
  3. Mormon Leaders Encourage Participation in Political Process SALT LAKE CITY — "The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) has issued a letter to be read in all Utah congregations, encouraging Latter-day Saints to attend local precinct caucus meetings. A similar letter was sent out in 2012, which resulted in a significant increase in caucus participation. Caucus meetings will be held this year in preparation for primary and general elections in Utah. These precinct caucus meetings are a grassroots level of political involvement in Utah and are best served by a broad representation of Utah citizens. Those who attend play a critical role in selecting candidates for public office. The 2014 caucus meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 20, and we encourage our members to participate as an exercise of their civic responsibility and privileges. We ask that local leaders not schedule meetings on these Tuesday and Thursday evenings so that members may attend a caucus meeting of their choice. The location of these meetings can be found on the websites of the respective political parties. The Church once again affirms its political neutrality. Platforms and philosophies consistent with gospel principles may be found in most political parties. We remind leaders and members that Church facilities and meetings are not to be used for political purposes or discussions."
  4. It is a wonderful idea for the LDS Church to develop near the Temples... I wish they could do so in Australia.
  5. Janadele

    Books about Mormon History?

    "Barry Bickmore's Restoring the Ancient Church: Joseph Smith and Early Christianity is finally here. This is not just a re-release, however, it's an updated edition with a new chapter on Jewish Christianity. This must-have book shows startling parallels between early Christianity and the teachings of Joseph Smith." FairMormon Bookstore
  6. Janadele

    Mormon/Evangelical Marriage

    Both coffee and diet sodas are detrimental to health... check the ingredients.
  7. It is a wise and much needed investment.
  8. Janadele

    Birth order

    Second girl, third child... now a widow, late husband was only child.
  9. One day all will be known, till then let us rejoice in what we know is so.
  10. Janadele

    The birthplace of Australian Democracy

    I am sixth generation Australian, my grandchildren are proud to be eighth generation Australian I do not consider Eureka to be a defining moment. It was the rebellious Irish, as was Ned, but localised and a small skirmish really. Gold diggers not wanting to pay for licences... something we can all relate to. Though gold is an important part of our history, it is the "squatters" who settled and cleared vast tracks of land for crops and grazing... mainly sheep, who defined Australia. "Home on the sheep's back" the catch phrase up until Britain deserted us to join the European Union. I have found in my travels that most people have a wish to visit our beautiful country. Entering into an exchange/swap situation is a good way to do so. I have experienced three successful exchange arrangements, staying in Utah with accomodation and vehicle provided and our hosts having the opportunity to do likewise in Australia. PM me if wanting more information.
  11. The whole practice is nonsense. It is my firm belief that the modern day celebrations of Halloween is evil and of Satan.
  12. There are many differing characteristics between races, not just the "shade" of the skin. The Prieshood was with held from the Negro race, not other races of dark skin.
  13. Apostle James E. Talmage in his book Jesus The Christ gives us the answer: Adam, the first man placed upon the earth in pursuance of the established plan, and Eve who was given unto him as companion and associate, indispensable to him in the appointed mission of peopling the earth, disobeyed the express commandment of God and so brought about the "fall of man", whereby the mortal state, of which death is an essential element, was inaugurated. The woman was deceived, and in direct violation of counsel and commandment partook of the food that had been forbidden, as a result of which act her body became degenerate and subject to death. Adam realised the disparity that had been brought between him and his companion, and with some measure of understanding followed her course, thus becoming her partner in bodily degeneracy. Note in this matter the words of Paul the apostle: "Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." The man and the woman had now become mortal; through indulgence in food unsuited to their nature and condition and against which they had been specifically warned, and as the inevitable result of their disobeying the divine law and commandment, they became liable to the physical ailments and bodily frailties to which mankind has since been thenatural heir. Those bodies, which before the fall had been perfect in form and function, were now subjects for eventual dissolution or death. The arch-tempter through whose sophistries, half-truths and infamous falsehoods, Eve had been beguiled, was none other than Satan, or Lucifer, that rebellious and fallen "son of the morning", whose proposal involving the destruction of man's liberty had been rejected in the council of the heavens, and who had been "cast out into the earth", he and all his angels as unbodied spirits, never to be tabernacled in bodies of their own. As an act of diabolic reprisal following his rejection in the council, his defeat by Michael and the heavenly hosts, and his ignominious expulsion from heaven, Satan planned to destroy the bodies in which the faithful spirits--those who had kept their first estate--would be born; and his beguilement of Eve was but an early stage of that infernal scheme. Death has come to be the universal heritage; it may claim its victim in infancy or youth, in the period of life's prime, or its summons may be deferred until the snows of age have gathered upon the hoary head; it may befall as the result of accident or disease, by violence, or as we say, through natural causes; but come it must, as Satan well knows; and in this knowledge is his present though but temporary triumph.
  14. Janadele

    Hi there

    I know it well :) Where did I get the idea you were in Bathurst?
  15. Janadele

    Would you sell alcohol or tobacco?

    I personally would not sell nor provide any substance detrimental to the body.