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  1. I have posted about the level of contention at this site before. I haven't been here much in the last year or so. I just didn't have the stomach for the contention. Yesterday I found myself wanting to discuss the news conference with other LDS members. I was hoping there were others who felt the same way I did about the news conference. I was happy. I am confused why there is so much contention over the issue the church spoke on and over the news conference itself. For me the words of our Prophet and Apostles are the last word. I was happy to hear the church say it expects the same respect as other groups are expecting. That is something to celebrate. It needed to be said. It needs to be fought for. Our free society is disintegrating because we (as a nation) aren't allowing all people the same level of freedom. (I am not talking about redefining words, such as, marriage.) One side wants one thing and the other wants something else and if there is a little legal victory then its an all out war to make the other side pay. That's wrong! As LDS members we need more than ever to be Christ-like. Instead we bicker and fight. What I read in the headlines yesterday was so misleading and out right wrong I wondered if they even listened to the news conference. What I read here is was just as disheartening to say the least, definitely un-Christ-like. I was surprised all over again at the level of contention. I was not surprised to see the thread closed this morning. Are we as members going to be part of the wickness? (rhetorical) Sigh.... have at it. I've voiced my concerns and probably won't be back for another year. I hope all of you have a great day (year). Enjoy! :) Edit: Had to add this quote from Russell M. Nelson, Conference Address, April 1989 "My concern is that contention is becoming accepted as a way of life. From what we see and hear in the media, the classroom, and the workplace, all are now infected to some degree with contention. How easy it is, yet how wrong it is, to allow habits of contention to pervade matters of spiritual significance, because contention is forbidden by divine decree:"
  2. I agree Christ will come when He comes. I'm too tired and busy to look up all the GA talks about the wickedness that will occur before Christ comes. :) I really should be doing other things. So . . . off to do other things. Have a great day!
  3. . . . allowing society to decay. Do we have a choice to not allow the decay? We know the world will get worse. We have been told its going to get worse. It has to get worse. My feelings are, I hope it gets bad fast so it can be over sooner and 1000 years of peace can start. I can't change anyone but myself. As long as I can stand before my Savior and say I did my best to treat all Heavenly Father's children as best I could, then I'm doing my best to live the "love one another" commandment. What I took from the news conference this morning was simply a declaration that the Church expects the same rights as the LCBT community is fighting for. Everything else.... its just noise.
  4. Thank you for saying this so well. I failed. :) I would like to correct a misconception. The church is not denying baptism, etc to Hilter's victims. The rule in place is that you have to be a direct descendent to do the work. If you are, go for it. If not, leave it for their family to do.
  5. And I never said they were entitled to attend BYU. A few here are reading that into my simple statement.
  6. There wasn't a flaw in my statement. I didn't say we have a right to live in a mansion or have any job we want regardless of our qualification.; I said we have a right to a place to live and a job. What that place to live or job looks like is very much determined by our qualifications.
  7. I believe they have the same rights under the constitution. I believe what was stated in the news conference. I may personally consider all the extremes to be aberrant behaviors, but that doesn't give me the right to not rent to someone or give them a job. Yes I really do believe a pedophile who hasn't acted on his sexual desires deserves the right to a home and a job. If the pedophile has acted on his sexual desires and has sexually abused children then he loses the right to live wherever he wants to and has to live where society can keep other children safe. That's a consequence of acting on desires that are abusive and illegal.
  8. I never said disregard the village. We need to be very aware of the village and we have heard that over and over in General Conference. We need to improve the village. My argument is that it certainly doesn't take a village to raise a child. And that's a reality. Is the village raising children? Yes! Is it good in today's world? No! More and more families are having to protect their children from the village. I am all for improving the village so families don't need to protect their children from the village.
  9. Did you hear the news conference? Edit: More than that have you read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? We are all entitled to the pursuit of happiness. To me that means a home and a job and all the things a reasonable person would need to just live.
  10. I wasn't aware there were laws that restricted you from renting to someone who likes to have sex with their dog. But that aside, The news conference spelled it out and Eowyn is right. We do not discriminate against any of God's children. We are commanded to love everyone. We are not commanded to love their sins. Regardless of sexual orientation everyone is entitled to a place to live and a job. And that was stated very clearly in the news conference today.
  11. Key word here is "want":.... Wanting is not against the law. Acting on the want against the law that states sex with underage children is wrong. That's not discrimination in the sense we're talking about.
  12. I don't believe the nonsense that it takes a village to raise a child. What it does take is a Family! Our family has been trying to protect our children from the village for a few decades now.
  13. We should mean it. Everyone is a child of our Heavenly Father. They have a right to housing and work. They have a right to live. They also have a right to the natural consequences of their actions. But as a society we don't have the right to say they can't live or work in our community. Vort, I'm curious. Why do you always go here when discussing these issues? It doesn't further the conversation. Shock value? I'm baffled.
  14. Bini, not many Utah funerals are like that. Maybe doing some desensitization "therapy" would be helpful. Its not good to not address the trauma of that one funeral you attended as a child. to the thread at large: This is exactly why we should use funerals as learning experiences for children.
  15. I draw the line at under age 2. If the person was close to the child then they definitely attend and view the body. We touch. We say good bye. We talk about bodies and spirits. We talk about the resurrection. We talk about eternity. And Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We teach the gospel in a way that it can't be taught at any other time. Children grieve too. And not seeing someone dead shouldn't be a scary thing. Death is a normal part of life. I had a friend who was always looking for a loved one who had died, until she became an adult. The reason was because it wasn't real to her. If we treat the experience as a normal part of life then kids will too. Its only when we freak out that they get scared.