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  1. BeNotDeceived

    Automation and the Second Coming?

    Maybe you should run for elected office.
  2. BeNotDeceived

    A Man's Valentine's Present

    For married folk, go with a red rose in a vase or 3 red roses wrapped. Pick it up yourself on Valentine’s Day and be done with it. It will die in a few days, an no longer clutter the world with useless stuff, but the thought will live on. Then, go all out on Leap Day, when she least expects it!
  3. BeNotDeceived

    Walking off 100 lbs.

    The latest greatest docs agree fats are your best primary fuels. Dr. Mercola is one and Dr. Gundry who wrote The Plant Paradox is the other. I followed it and quickly discovered I’d been misdiagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus; forgoing a few lectins, and presto no more acid reflux, without needing my prescription med. My Ollieroo is awesome too; it’s like a Power Plate at a small fraction of the price. It works slow, fast and super-fast twitch muscles so burns 100 times as many calories as walking or even running. Yesterday I worked my arms for 3 minutes and they’re still sore. Today I bent my spring with my arms while the Ollieroo worked my legs. Maybe it will work for Peak 8 where you go all out for 30 seconds at a time. Peak 8 has shown to increase HGH production by 800%, if done properly.
  4. BeNotDeceived

    Which is Worse? How bad is sugar?

    Sucralose kills good gut bugs, as do NSAIDs and antibiotics. Stevia is one of few good sweeteners ok’d by many doctors. HEYLO is described as a game changer prebiotic, that hopefully will quickly dominate the market, finally replacing all the bad, with something really good.
  5. BeNotDeceived

    Going through an incredibly difficult trial.

    Why did you even tell ex girl fiend the identity of current girl friend, what were you thinking? Just realized friend - r = fiend, fits where r = relationship.
  6. BeNotDeceived


    Yo Ouch Yo So Funny, it hurts!
  7. BeNotDeceived

    What's the last book you read?

    The Plant Paradox, by Dr. Steven R. Gundry. Not sure which book it bumped, but if I had a list of top 10 books, it would easily be on it.
  8. BeNotDeceived


    Do you wish to change your answer, based on further light and knowledge?
  9. BeNotDeceived

    USA Guaranteed income?

    Thankfully, my Christmas Wish will come true on the Real Christmas. Jamie Oliver was instrumental in making it happen, and is a great ambassador of appeasing the appetite in a healthy sort of way. Heylo is coming too, which sounds to good to be true, but prolly will just be another amazing innovation, towards FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE.
  10. BeNotDeceived

    Which is Worse? How bad is sugar?

    Yea, like pantaprazole that I took for many year being mis-diagnosed as having Barrett’s Esophagus! Recently I read The Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry, and guess what? Laying off the Lectins did the trick. The pantaprazole killed my stomach acid which reduced my absorption of B vitamins, killing my energy. Other inflammatory symptoms have also greatly subsided. Niagen is also awesome, but few doctors have even heard of it.
  11. I just tell them, "not now, maybe later"
  12. BeNotDeceived

    Huge crush on an Elder

    Hey cool, just pasted the URL and the video embeds, but still wish there was a way to better preview posts. The video is an oldie, but still one of my favorites.
  13. BeNotDeceived

    USA Guaranteed income?

    Hey Su2!, thanks for the warm welcome; it's Great to see you too. Besides the First Presidency of Free Food, perhaps there is the Quorum of Twelve Twiddlers. Jamie Oliver may be the senior Apostle of Appetite, who is charged to lead the Twelve Twiddlers, to find a way to pay for the FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE. Who else would make a great twiddler of the thumbs and supreme taste tester of gourmet grub, that is actually fit for human consumption?
  14. BeNotDeceived

    USA Guaranteed income?

    I like free food! Kinda like WIC for everyone, but only the best food, where best means healthy. If you want to eat crap, then do it on your own dime. A daily calorie limit is one idea, but some fats are good so Dr. Gundry with assist from Drs Mercola and Lustig would form the First Presidency of Food.
  15. BeNotDeceived

    Energy level

    Me too, until I tried Niagen for the first time about 3 years ago. The first year was phenomenal, then suddenly its effect dropped drastically. Taking 250 mg per day seems the best dose for me, and still helps some. Lately I read the Plant Paradox and simply cutting tomatoes, corn and beans has cured my Barrett’s Esophagus, which was being treated by a prescription med that affected my absorption of B vitamins. Today Dr. Gundry queried interest in mitochondrial supplement!