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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm new here but I thought that perhaps someone out there would be able to share some advice on a difficult trial I'm currently going through. It's a long story; It began when I first met my girlfriend who lived in Utah while I lived in Australia. I met her through the internet while looking for someone to help me with a project I was working on. Over the months of working together and I talking every day we confessed our feelings towards each other and we're together since. I wasn't a member at the time but I was investigating after she shared some information about the church with me. It got to the mid year and I decided to head over to Utah to meet her in person. It was even better than I hoped it could be. My trip was cut short due to a family medical emergency but I knew that I would be back. Sure enough, come the end of the year, I was back in Utah and stayed for a few months this time. It was the best Christmas I've had. I was baptised in the church and the happiest I had been in a long, long time. I knew after much prayer, reading and discussion, that she was the one I wanted to spend eternity with. During the course of 2017, I worked hard to set myself up in order to make that goal a reality. Unfortunately I lost my job a few weeks before my intended leaving date. Immediately following that I lost the majority of my savings. Despite these difficulties, I persevered and headed back to the US with the intention of asking her to marry me. During the course of the visit, I became depressed at my personal situation as it suddenly hit me that I had lost nearly all of the finances I had. This affected my attitude and I was often quiet and spaced out. It put a great deal of pressure on my girlfriend and I was not fully aware of it. It gets worse though; come the new year, my ex-girlfriend contacted my girlfriend and her family and proceeded to spend the next few days slandering me with the full intention of causing me great pain. I won't go into the exact specifics here, but suffice to say they were ridiculous lies and incredibly hurtful. What's happened now is my girlfriend is trying to work through this situation herself, giving herself space. I've returned to Australia to clear my name (which has been positive) and to organise myself. It's been incredibly hard for me emotionally for the past month. I've lost the most important person in my life and it is just killing me. She asked me to fight for her and be worthy of her. I know there's still a chance for us but I am just barely hanging on right now. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to provide more detail if needed. Thank you for your time. Kindest regards, M.
  2. I know this is the wrong place for this, but I can't figure out where the blog sub-thread is, so Pam, Heather, or whomever please move this to the appropriate thread. If the whole post is inappropriate for this site, please delete the thread and reprimand me in whichever way you deem proper. (But please don't delete my account because I like it here!) <br><br> Mom knows that I'm active online, and so I'm trying to promote her new blog. I'll admit I'm a tad shameful about it, but I want to get the message out, because it makes me look like a hero. /blush. The blog covers travel, nail beauty (polish and such), and knitting. <br><br> This is a disclaimer that this blog is not written by an LDS woman, nor is it really following "lds standards". But I am LDS, and I follow LDS standards. So please help me out and at least check it out. Thanks! <br><br> Here is the link: <br><br> three things
  3. hello!! im new to these forums, im not a Christian but would like to learn more about Mormon beliefs as it sounds really interesting :) I am also going to college soon, and I am a naturist. Naturism is not so well known where I live and I still have to tell my parents that I am a naturist!! I like playing the sport of cricket, i believe in GOD, i am a Jain ( a small religion) and I like to learn about different cultures, languages, countries, religions and faiths. I also LOVE travelling, and my whole family is bitten by the travel bug Cheers :)
  4. I run a tour company called Edelweiss Tour Company that offers small LDS group tours to Switzerland. It is a 9 day tour that shows the best of Switzerland. I served my mission there are having been going back ever since. If you would like to experience Swiss Culture with other LDS members come check out my tour info night on June 20, 2009 @ 7PM in Emigration Canyon Utah. You can find out what you will see, tour dates, and the cost. There will also be Swiss chesses, chocolates, and breads to sample. For more info about the 9 day tour e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 971-506-7177 Auf Wiedersehen! Jonathan