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Found 11 results

  1. How many people have ever heard of San Domingo, Maryland? Or, if they have heard of it, how many people know where it is located? Part of my rich heritage rests in the small community of San Domingo and so I would like to share some parts of that heritage with you. According to the oral history that is recited annually at the Zion United Methodist Church Founders Day, San Domingo was founded in the early 1800s by James Brown, my paternal great great great grandfather, who was born about 1792. James Brown was a native of Jamaica and a free Black (I have a copy of his freedom papers in my file). Upon arriving to the Delmarva Peninsula he went to Cambridge Maryland to find a free woman to marry. Her name was Elizabeth Leatherbury. She was born in Delaware about 1794. James and Elizabeth had eight children - Harriet, Byard B. (through whom my direct paternal family line is traced), Leonard, Isabella, Ardilla, Eliza A., Emmeline, and Mary. San Domingo soon became a destination for other free Blacks from the Carribean trading along the Atlantic Coast. In 1859 my great great great grandfather James Brown and his family established the local Church, Zion United Methodist Church (many of my ancestors were laid to rest in the family cemetery there). The original church was destroyed by a fire and a new church was built and stands today on the site of the original building. The church served as the center of the community housing many cultural, civic, historical, and educational activities. At the end of the Civil War, John Quinton, a Carribean seaman, is reported to have settled in San Domingo and to have married a granddaughter of James Brown. Her name was Sarah E. Brown. She was the daughter of my great great grandfather Byard B. Brown (22 October 1819 - 19 November 1906), James' son, thus making her my great grand aunt. John and Sarah had eight children - Danvis A., Bayard H., Leah J.P., Noah F., William H., Ernest U., Festus N., and George O. Quinton. John Quinton was literate and so consequently he preached and taught school in the community. John Quinton and his family were the anchor of education in San Domingo until state supported education came to San Domingo in 1919 when Sharptown Colored Elementary School (a Rosenwald school) was built. Children were educated through grade 7. Full access to high school education for San Domingo residents did not occur until 1930. As a historical side note, the grave sites of my paternal great great great grandparents have been registered with the Eastern Shore Historical Society as being the oldest known marked free Negro graves in Wicomico County Maryland.
  2. Hi, I've been brought up my entire life LDS, and never questioned anything--until now. I'm so confused and lost about everything. First off, in the scriptures it says the earth is what, like almost 7000 years old, but the history on earth says that the earth is millions of years old. I don't believe the theory of evolution, because instead of just one monkey looking person, I think they would have found many skeletons like that. Then there's the question of the church itself, how does one know that all the religions on the earth now are wrong, except the lds faith? I used to just "know" these things, now I don't know anything that is true/not true. I'm so confused. Could someone please help me figure out how to know what is true and what's not? Thank you very much, my sould is in constant torment trying to figure all this out.
  3. I'm just curious, Where did the Nephites, Lamanates, Amnicites, etc.. and all those people in the Book of Mormon Stories lived? Where was their location? Was it in the America's? If they did live in the Americas, did they leave any ancient artifacts, etc?
  4. I'm trying to find some people with extensive knowledge about the historical church events that aren't commonly known. Trying to create a Mormon History Wiki at but really don't have the base group of historians to get it buzzing. Anyone? Bueller?
  5. I am a proud Australian, and while we're a young country, we are one of the true democracies on earth today. While not perfect, we did pioneer such things as the secret ballot as well as women's suffrage. New Zealand was the first nation to introduce suffrage in 1883, with South Australia granting it in 1884 (as well as the right for women to stand for election) and federally in 1902 just one year after the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia as an independent nation in 1901. In comparison, women were granted the right to vote in the United States in 1920. The development of democracy in Australia was not smooth, but it could be said it was not as bloody as was the experience in other nations. This patriotic song is a wonderful chronology of Australian history, the lyrics are wonderful, and it really captures the harshness of what Australia is: The following story is one of my favorites, the Eureka Stockade. The rebellion was truly about NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!
  6. Hi, I like to visit some historic sites of the Church in Septembre this year. But I can't find the Aera Map on Can somebody give me a link of a site who has a map like this? Can somebody also give me a list in sequence with the adresses of the Historic sites? Thank for helpin me out.
  7. Hi im a religious studies uni student and have some questions about Morminism What would you say is the most important quality for a person to poses to be? Seen as good in God eyes? What does the title elder signify within the Mormon religion? How does a person become an elder within the Mormon religion? Do you believe that it is possible for atheists to gain salvation provided that they have tried to live a good and moral life despite the fact they reject the existence of God? Do you view the Mormon church as being a part of Christianity, or a separate and distinct religious faith? Within my research I have come across the term the sons of perdition, to whom or what does this term refer? Outside of the three Mormon kingdoms of heaven is said to be an outer darkness to which the sons of perdition will be sent, is this outer darkness similar to other accounts of hell or something else? As a practicing Mormon does America hold any spiritual or religious value? Polygamy despite being opposed by the Mormon Church since 1890 is still practiced within some communities who still claim to be Mormon, despite the churches practice excommunicating those who have been found to practice it. What is your view of this issue?
  8. Does anyone have specific knowledge of this event. I remember researching it a while ago, but the only source I trusted was on and I felt like I was getting mixed signals. Does anyone know how the Church stands on this (obviously besides condemning the event) and what the outcome was? Thanks!
  9. im working on a book for my family and the awesome temple stuff. And am finding everyone who comes from this awesome town fancy farm is very possiblly related to me. anyways if you know or you are mail me.....:)
  10. Does anyone know when we started ordaining 12 year olds to the A.P.? I have been unable to find anything and I'm extremely curious to know the history surrounding it. My oldest will be 12 soon! If nobody knows, can anyone think of any references I could look to for answers?
  11. My title is kinda long, but I am just curious, if you have time and money, what places would you visit? I would love to visit all the operating LDS temples in the world. How about you?