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  1. Hmm, I thought this article in the Millennial Star could create some interesting debate! Being an LDS author I want to have an open mind and try to look objectively at my craft. Why I Don’t Read Mormon Fiction The Millennial Star
  2. KCGrant

    I'd like to try a book.

    My latest novel is a romantic suspense novel that's set in Mexico City. A fun read with a lot of history of culture! home page for K.C. Grant, author of Abish: Daughter of God
  3. KCGrant

    my new book 'Venom' is out!

    What an exciting day! I went into the bookstore and saw my book had hit the shelves and then I came home and found my cache on the doorstep. Always exciting to hold the new creation in my hands. My latest is a suspense novel about a young LDS girl who gets caught up in some drug trafficking problems in Mexico City. I'm hoping to make it a series but that always depends on how well it does--so check it out and let me know what you think!
  4. KCGrant

    Which ones have you read?

    Being an English major, I've read a significant number of them. But I've been disappointed at my children's reading lists in school. So many of the classics aren't on them and instead have been replaced by popular fiction that the schools know the kids will be interested in. I'd rather have my daughter reading Rebecca or Tess of the D'urbervilles than Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.
  5. KCGrant

    Do you like e-readers?

    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. KCGrant

    Do you like e-readers?

    I want to take a quick poll and see who has and likes reading on an e-reader like Kindle or Nook. Do you think it changes the reading experience? Does the convenience outweigh any drawbacks? Will it make print books obselete one day? What does everyone think?!?
  7. KCGrant

    Writing a 'family values' book review

    Thanks, Elphaba. I try!:)
  8. I've started writing book reviews for the Deseret News and I have to write them from a "family values" perspective. That can be tough when there's a lot of violence and sex. But here's how I handled Iris Johansen's recent release in her new trilogy. 'Eve' part of a new missing child triology by Iris Johansen | Deseret News
  9. KCGrant

    Whitney Award Winners

    Several LDS authors were recently honored at the Whitney Awards Gala, held in conjunction with the LDStorymakers Conference in Utah. So go check out the winners and see what some of the best authors of LDS fiction have to offer! http://www.whitneyawards.com/wordpress
  10. KCGrant

    Fahrenheit 451

    I actually loved the book and still have a copy lurking around on a bookshelf somewhere. I think I'm more fascinated by the idea of when it was written and how "prophetic" some parts are rather than always the quality of writing or the flow of the story. He sure had our fixation with "reality" TV pegged.
  11. KCGrant

    Beowulf by Unknown author

    Yikes, that title brings me back to Mrs. Beattie in my Jr. year Humanities class. What a memory!
  12. KCGrant

    Karen Armstrong: The Spiral Staircase

    Hmm, it sounds interesting. What's the author's background?
  13. KCGrant

    Check out my new book!

    Hang in there--learning to write is a process and you never really finish and perfect a manuscript. Try and glean what suggestions you can and then keep submitting. Try having a group of other writers critique it so you can see maybe where you're going wrong. Abish is a woman mentioned briefly in the Book of Mormon. This sequel's focus is on the people of Ammon and their struggles, including the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors.
  14. KCGrant

    Check out my new book!

    I didn't, but I heard some great things about it from my writer's group.
  15. KCGrant

    Check out my new book!

    Abish: Mother of Faith is available at stores (Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Barnes and Noble) and online at the same sites. Also, Amazon has it in Kindle format now.