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  1. zz1987

    How To Do It?

    Your welcome. :) I have been a family history consultant in my ward in the past, and currently (although on leave) serve in the family history library in my ward. I explain things better by showing people where to look and how to look. I hope this helps you, and that you enjoy your search.
  2. zz1987

    A Thought About Christmas

    I decided when my oldest nephew was a baby to only get books for any neices or nephews. I have found that by finding books that are uplifting and learning books for my nephews they enjoy as much as any other books I get them. My parents bought my nephew his 'First Book of Mormom' and both boys enjoy it and love looking for pictures of the 'HOONA' (Liahona) and for pictures of baby Jesus. For boys that have an inactive father and a non-member mother, this helps them with their gospel knowledge. I take them to church each Sunday and found that any gospel books I can get that are 'kid-friendly' and enjoyable without being pushy are the best. The same can be said for my parents. I try to get them something spiritual that will help them thru the year and that they will use and refer to for talks and such.
  3. zz1987

    How To Do It?

    There are different sites that can provide different types of information. I would suggest these two: www.cydislist.com www.usgenweb.com They are not pay sites, but they can direct you to information. I have worked with research on ancestry.com and have found very useful information there ... however it is a pay site. I share a subscription with my mother so one of us is doing research. I also go to the family history center in our ward and do reserach there on the ancestry.com as the church as a paid subscription to it. It is worth it to try it that way BEFORE you decide to purchase on your own. Good luck! I have found many interesting things as I have researched my family lines.
  4. zz1987

    Download Software?

    Are you talking about the PAF program on the church website? it is the Personal Ancestral File. You can load all your family history information in it, and you can print all the information out. www.lds.org Family History (on left side) Software downloads free Personal Ancestral File hope this helps
  5. zz1987

    Download Software?