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  1. A federal judge has ruled that Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California is unconstitutional. Judge overturns Calif. gay marriage ban - U.S. news - Life -
  2. That might be a problem as Wikileaks is hosted in Sweden.
  3. What ever happened to blessed are the peacemakers?
  4. The bill has now been signed by President Obama and is now law. However, 13 state Attorneys General have sued claiming the bill is unconstitutional. Obama signs landmark health bill into law - Health care reform-
  5. I'm not sure about that. But it looks like Utah will be joining the lawsuit: - Utah to join lawsuit over health care bill, Shurtleff says
  6. Its official. The Senate version of the Health Care bill is going to President Obama for his signature. House sends health care bill to Obama's desk - Health care reform-
  7. "The movie is about a small group of soldiers who are trapped deep behind enemy lines following the infamous Malmedy massacre that took place during World War II's Battle of the Bulge. The soldiers have vital enemy intelligence in their possession and decide to deliver it to the front lines, over 20 miles away. Success would require surviving the roving German troops and the frigid Ardennes forest. Armed with only one rifle, the men meet obstacle after obstacle, and must deal with the challenges, as well as the tension between their conflicting emotions. Things get increasingly more desperate until the climactic showdown with the German Army that tests the courage, honor, and camaraderie of the men." Saints and Soldiers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I really enjoyed this movie, even with the ending. I think more movies need to be made like this to show the human emotion that goes into war.
  8. But was it not fortold in the scriptures that the gathering of Israel would take place? I think that this is the start of the return of the 10 lost tribes...
  9. So what if Canada started lobbing rockets into the United States. Should we just stand down because its not a fair fight, or because we should keep trying for peace while our citizens die?
  10. - Israeli troops invade Gaza; lengthy fight expected I think Israel is justified in doing this, since they have put up with being hit by rockets for a long time now. I also think it should be careful in how it handles it and that it will not target civilians.
  11. KSL posted an apwire story that seems biased in my opinion: Mormon church blames powder hoax on gay activists
  12. I found a video on his site about that. Bill O'Reilly | The O'Reilly Factor - Its the first video that starts to play when you visit the site. The video is called Talking Points: 11/13. Edit: Direct link to video:
  13. New story from ksl about the FBI analyzing the powder. It says another letter showed up at a Catholic Knights of Columbus printing press in Connecticut. They also say something else was in the envelope besides the powder. - FBI continues to analyze powder mailed to LDS temples
  14. I hope everyone is ok. Hope this is just a single incident and won't happen again. - White powder discovered at 2nd LDS temple Edit: Looks like they just found another letter in the LA temple.