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  1. Man was created in the image of God. (Adam) Mankind on the other hand was created in the image of imperfect Adam.
  2. Oh then therapists? I have one
  3. How should I approach boards like this? (or secular boards) and ask for help with my sex abuse recovery? I realize I shouldn't be graphic so I'm not often.
  4. I mean that Jesus'es resurected body and physical body are the same.
  5. This is not Gnostic Teachings. This is the truth. When Jesus ascended into Heaven, what do you think happened to his body? Do you think it burned in the atmosphere? Edit- Joshua = Yeshua They aren't seperate beings.
  6. Only in specific cases. Michael the Archangel, the Angel of the Lord is always in the presence of the Lord, so where he is, God is. And yes, spiritually, I believe that a man is with his wife while they are seperated, but that is just an opinion of mine.
  7. Simple. I can see from my repetitive lack of action in reading the scriptures that you have a point to where it would seem that I am being lazy and just putting my own spin on things. But I have to rhetorically respond Socratically. Why do you think that just because I may not be using the proper method of debate that I am necessarily incorrect? Yes, he can. As contradictory as it sounds there is an Earthly explanation for his return. And it is, that Jesus'es ressurected body is in Heaven, and his physical body, known as Joshua, will return to the planet's stratosphere.(Or so I have come to understand it.) His spirit, has always been God.
  8. "If I descend into the depths of Hell you are there." Is written in the Old Testament. The same passage mentions that God is everywhere, in so many words.
  9. Elohim... yes. The plural name for God. But that can still be a Trinatarian teaching. One Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient God can be Elohim, and be the plural meaning for the word and still be one God. Omnipresent REALLY being an important word
  10. [Couldn't these sons of God be angels of his that were sent to educate man and then later fell?
  11. Interested

    Life And Me

    The knife cuts and I bleed. The blade thrusts and I bleed. The spear pierces and I die. Welcome to life. I live forever more. No arrow can slay me... If I die, I live forever more. I will live forever more. The laws of Nature defied. Even should I return to the dust. I will live forever more. More than spirit. I shall breathe should I cease to be. More than spirit, which is more than body. I am eternal.. Christ has blessed me.
  12. Yes, I can expound. I think its more likely the man was blinded so the people could see God having victory over evil than to think the man was blinded because billions or how many years ago he sinned in a previous life. Edit- By the way, I do believe in pre-existence, I just don't see any scriptural evidence for it.
  13. I find Orthodox Christianity's answer about the blind man certainly more satisfying that a karmic one.