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  1. A very dear childhood friend of mine just had a positive biopsy for cervical cancer. She is going in for further testing, and to find out what the treatment plan will be. She is a single mother of two. She lives several states away from me, so I am not able to comfort her in person. She is very scared, and does not know what is going to happen. I am asking for everyone's prayers on her behalf, and on behalf of her children. I would also appreciate it if people would add her to their local temple prayer rolls. Her name is Nikki McAlpine. I sincerely appreciate it... Sister in Faith
  2. Well obviously the mom is also using, otherwise she would just pee in the cup herself. That may be a better reason for CPS to get involved, than asking the child to provide clean pee. Just a thought.
  3. Okay, I just went and read the entire thread thru again. Yes, it is very wierd. I want to just explain what my inital post was actually about. I was watching survivor and I felt uncomfortable about them praying for the cameras, which made me think about tebowing and how that had turned into a public display of prayer to something that people mocked. I felt like those examples could remind us to keep prayer a more private thing, so we could protect the sacredness of prayer. So that it never gets mocked or anything like that. I actually wasn't even wanting to talk about the celestial room, I should never have mentioned. I wondered what people thought about tebowing and the survivor prayers, and if some people were having the same feelings as me. So that was what the thread was about. Hope that clears things up a little bit, as to how this all started.
  4. Jayanna, THANK YOU for this post. I admire you for your faith. I thank you for having the guts to stand up and say that you go to the temple to pray. I do too. I actually thought (before today) that we ALL did. Thank you for standing as a witness. I appreciate your imput. This kind of post is what I was hoping for when I started the thread. Bravo.
  5. Good luck! I hope it goes really really well for you! The kids (and adults) will love it!
  6. Can anyone believe that this silly thread went on for twelve, TWELVE, pages?!?
  7. I was actually browsing the olive garden website while we were doing this thread (which prompted me to start talking about it), and I didn't realize this, but they have some recipes on line! They don't have my favorite soup (zuppa toscana)... But they have some other good stuff!
  9. If I was 21 and married to a 21 year old man, and we were husband and wife for eternity, then I died, I would expect him to be faithful to me. I don't think it would be cool for him to find another woman just to get him thru a few years of what would otherwise be celebacy. I think that marrying for eternity should be just that. If it's not, then why are we even getting married for time and eternity, if it really means, as soon as you die I'm going to find a different woman? That would be til death do us part, in my opinion. What separates us from any other christian wedding? And age shouldn't matter in my opinion. We are talking about eternity! Please understand that this is my own personal opinion.
  10. I, personally, (and this is totally my own personal opinion) would not want to remarry. If I was married to a good man, no matter how young I was widowed, I would be faithful to my husband, and wait for the blessings of eternity.
  11. Okay, as this thread breaths it's last breath (hopefully) I have an appology to make. I wasn't sure how I insulted beefche, when it was pointed out to me that perhaps my comments on the olive garden menu were taken as insults. I want to say that I IN NO WAY meant them to be insulting, I was honestly just talking about what I like to eat at olive garden. So beefche, please understand that was not my intention to be making any kind of comment about you, and if you felt insulted by them, I am sorry. Seriously, you guys should go check out the new menu. It is awesome!