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    Merrill J. Bateman:The story teaches at least two lessons. One concerns Christ’s spiritual sensitivity to the individual. The other lesson concerns the depth of the woman’s faith. Because of her faith, she was healed both physically and spiritually. The phrase “thy faith hath made thee whole” often refers to a spiritual healing. It is the same phrase Christ used to bless the one leper who returned to express thanks. All 10 lepers were cleansed of leprosy, but only one was made whole—only one was cleansed from within (see Luke 17:11–19). It is also the phrase the Lord used in answering Enos’ question regarding forgiveness of sin. When the voice said, “Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed,” Enos inquired as to how it was possible. The answer was, “Thy faith hath made thee whole” (see Enos 1:5–8). Enos’ spiritual cleansing came through faith. His faith had the power to produce humility, repentance, and a baptism of water and fire. The woman’s faith brought the same power enjoyed by Enos and the leper. Her faith produced a spiritual rebirth in addition to solving her physical problem. Her faith and determination allowed her to lay hold on two good gifts.
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    ryanh got a reaction from mdfxdb in Why a sealing cancellation and then a temple clearance?   
    This isn't "another" clearance. He never has applied for nor received a clearance to be sealed post cancellation of a sealing. The cancellation his ex applied for and received had nothing to do with your fiancé’s re-sealing. It is a misunderstanding to try to connect the two.
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    John Gottman's - Why Marriages Succeed or Fail . . . and how you can make yours last.
    From the back of the book: