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  1. Suck it up butter cup. You knew what you were getting into, yet you have the temerity to complain about it? Especially given your known hangups i.e. I actually feel a little sorry for him. You expect him to change? You're previously married you should know better. Tigers don't change their stripes. You've received some good advice above r/e reciprocation and finding good qualities in your husband. I suggest you follow that advice.
  2. Back to OP. I think it could be any of the following announcements: 1. Lightening up on WoW 2. Announce plural marriage/sealings for deceased unwed women 3. Section 139 of the D&C 4. Ratify into scripture/cannonization of something like King Follet Discourse, or maybe some previously unrevealed revelation of a modern prophet (kimball/hinckley/david O) 5. Additional "translation" from the sealed portion of the BoM (maybe we are ready / maybe not) 6. My favorite idea: They finally got around to locating and translating the scroll of Joseph which was one of the manuscripts purchased by joseph when he acquired the book of Abraham and the mummies.
  3. You are justified in whatever you decide. However, there are some things to consider: - You have 2 children. If you were in the U.S. I would advise you to wait until they are 18 years old and legal adults before you take any major steps. - Have you gone to your Bishop with this? - Have you done marriage counseling? 18 years is a long time, you need to really ponder and pray the direction you want this to head.
  4. NO relationship besides finances? You need to be done. They need to practice what they preach.
  5. Weird. However, by asking her out and her putting you in the "friend zone" you now have valuable information. You don't need to bother with her anymore. Go and ask someone else out. Stay away from the friend zone.
  6. This is simple. The YW deserve only the best. Bishop should release the sister no questions asked. You get to move forward with a functional spiritual presidency and advisors. I would not settle for any different answer.
  7. Church will pay rent for deserving individuals. It is however at the discretion of The Bishop. I live in the bay area, and I have seen several of my Bishops pay rents in the thousands of dollars per month for various deserving individuals. Bishops are allowed a certain $ amount allowable from fast offerings for medical care. Once that amount is met he must get permission from the Stake president to exceed said amount. There is another threshold up to which the Stake President is allowed to authorize. Once that is exceeded, permission must come from an Area authority, then from Salt Lake. There are many tens of thousands of dollars available for medical care when necessary. I did not perceive that $ was a problem for the OP. I perceived their lack of respect for their ecclesiastical leadership, and own personal mental health issues to be the core problems. If even half of what OP describes is true, then I truly feel for her. That does not negate the necessity to take steps to overcome and advance.
  8. Wow, just wow. I feel bad that you have had a hard life. Sounds like you are an adult now, and can make decisions on your own. Decisions that will let you choose a happy path. Disassociate with those who adversely affect you. Associate with those who lift you up. I know your life has probably sucked now. You can choose to make it not suck. So do it. Don't worry about bishops/stake presidents/step parents, etc. Worry about yourself. Your covenants are not with the church. They are between you and God. Let God worry about the church. You worry about you.
  9. Agree, that doesn't negate the fact that this is what you must do. Life is difficult. We do hard things and we are successful, we experience growth and joy. If those are the things you want, then you must do the hard things.
  10. You just need to get up and go to church. If you want there to be any chance at this relationship or a future relationship with an LDS man you just need to get over it. I have anxiety about going to work, talking on the phone, going to public places, touching things in public, heights, etc, etc, etc.......... GET OVER IT. It all comes down to priorities and what is important.
  11. You've been married for 3 decades. You want to stick this out. Here is my advice: You need to accept the fact that this is how she is. She is not going to change. You need to love her as is. There is no need for forgiveness, only acceptance. I'm not you, but for me this behavior would be intolerable. I would advise her that the next Credit Card deception will result in separation and divorce. If she doesn't want that then you will need to take over financial control with an iron fist. If she still lies about Credit Card use, then you follow through on your threat.
  12. Sacrament is 1 hour per week. I'll bet you and your wife waste at least that much time watching tv or whatever in a given week. Ask your wife for 1 hour. While at home you can study your scriptures. You need to concentrate the rest of your time on your wife and child. She was good enough to date, good enough to make a baby with, good enough to marry. You can't complain now that she doesn't like the church. It's too late. Don't worry about impressing your Bishop. Make sure your wife feels like your #1 priority.