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    Prince Andrew

    Yes I am originally from England and my dad was the biggest royalist you could ever meet. He genuinely would stop being friends with people if they said a bad word about the Queen. I do find the way the Media in the UK have handled this as distasteful.
  2. Yes but I can't lose the last bit of contact I have with my children. If I tell them I won't give them anymore money then they won't contact me at all.
  3. I have always tried to make it up to them that I wasn't around for them when they were children, and once they were adults helping them financially was the only way I could help them, they didn't want a relationship with me besides for finances.
  4. Yes that's a good idea, I will speak to her about that. Yes I want to help my daughter, the best I can.
  5. There are other reasons that we don't have a relationship besides religious differences. I do agree with this statement too. I agree I don't support my son's church because they have a big emphasis on reaching members of the LDS church. Although, I haven't spoken to him outside the temple a few friends of mine have and they have told me he is very respectful and they tend to have positive discussions. I have heard my son preach a long long time ago now and he certainly has a gift for it. I wouldn't say he paints God as an abusive person.
  6. The first option. My son has a local mission that is concerned with ministering to members of the LDS church, which is why I didn't want to donate to his church. My daughter and her husband have volunteered in that mission but it isn't related to the one they are going on in Bolivia.
  7. drewK


    My name is Drew, I am originally from England but have lived in the US for 32 years. I have been a member of the church since I was a child.
  8. Hi, my name is Drew. I have 2 children with my ex wife who are 30 and 28 and I have 2 children with my wife who are 18 and 12. When I separated from my ex wife I was inactive and she was a baptist, and I didn't see out children for 8 years, so by the time I began to see them again they had already decided to be baptists and they didn't want to learn about the LDS church. With my daughter who is 28 now I had a close relationship with her for a while when she was 12-17/18 but now we have a very strained relationship due to our religious differences. With my son we have never had a close relationship, but we really fell out a few years ago when he started a church plant and needed financial assistance, I felt conflicted on whether I could give it to him and decided not to. Now the only time I see him now is outside the temple, he runs a mission that hands out tracts to members of the church. My daughter and her husband are going to be missionaries for a baptist mission in Bolivia for at least 2 years, they need to raise some money themselves and my daughter asked me, she told me she is really worried to go there without the goal amount of money. Obviously, I want to help my daughter but I don't feel good about donating money to a mission that is spreading a gospel contrary to the LDS church. I feel like it would be wrong of me to do so. What do you think? I have in the past as mentioned not donated to my son's church but I feel very conflicted in wanting to support my children. Another issue this time is that my 18 year old is a missionary for the LDS church and I support him financially and I feel guilty over not supporting my other 2 children and treating them differently. Do you think it would be a bad decision to sponsor a mission for any church other than the LDS church?