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  1. merrychild

    Looking for Recipes for a cook book!

    Hi all!! Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I figured sharing it would be a good place. So I'm trying to raise money for a couple organizations in my area. One is a well-known public organization in the Seattle area called "HopeLink" (food bank, mentoring, social services, etc) and the other is my own little project that probably won't be an official non-profit for a couple years. My personal project is called "Nakama International". I hope to set up a website for it soon, but currently I'm looking for the box to my website software so I can plug in the registration code (it's in the abyss known as my closet). Nakama (or "Friend", in Japanese) International is my personal project to help both international students find affordable places to live and help local children learn about other cultures and languages, while helping them with their schoolwork and lives. Both are things I feel strongly about, both as a former international student and a future teacher. Most of the money that is raised will go to HopeLink, because they do a lot of good in my neighborhood and I really want to help out. The rest will go to getting Nakama International started. What I'm doing is creating an online cookbook, or well, a cookbook in the form of a pdf that can be downloaded after it is bought. What I need are recipes!! I would love lots of international stuff, but good ol' American homecookin' is good, too. :) And preferably stuff that can be affordably with easy to find items. I would prefer it if things were messaged to me privately or sent to me by email ([email protected]). But feel free to post some things here. :) Thank you so much!
  2. merrychild

    Language to avoid in Japanese?

    That's hillarious! XD Haha. :) And I can understand the whole book of mormon thing. I tried reading it in German, and felt the same way... that if you tried speaking it to a German, they wouldn't really understand. But it's kind of the same way with the English book of mormon. Mormonese is hard to understand in any language if you're not familiar with the church.
  3. merrychild

    Language to avoid in Japanese?

    A note on baka... from my understanding, it depends on where in Japan you are as to how insulting it is. For example, it is more of an insult to say baka in the Kansai region versus the Tokyo (or Kantou) region. If you're in Tokyo, it's more of an insult to say "aho" than "baka". But just like you would in English, it's best not to call people you are not familiar with stupid. Thankfully, guns are illegal there. You could get shot calling the wrong person stupid here. XD There is a book called "Making Out In Japanese". It goes over really well on the various degrees on slang and when, where, and who to use what or not to use with bad language. I personally like to know what the bad stuff is, so that I can understand if anyone starts to insult me or whatnot. And also so I can better understand the culture. I found it helpful when I studied German as well, because I understood when I was being insulted (which, when I went on my exchange there 10 years ago, I was called a pig... which is a major insult in German, more than it is here -- we're most likely to use sexual innuendos to insult people than by calling them animal names). ... :) Good luck! Maybe we can talk together sometime. I've only been studying Japanese for the past few years, but off and on. :) It's fun to find others who enjoy studying it.
  4. Ooo! I would love it as well! I love Japanese. :)))
  5. merrychild

    konnichi wa <3

    Hi all! I'm Mary out of SEATTLE. Be excited!! Technically, I'm not new here. But I always seem to forget this place exists.... I'm 26. I'm an active member. I am currently live with my family and go to church with them. I tend to go back and forth between the family ward and the singles ward, but currently it's the family ward. I've been helping out in the nursery with my mother. It's been a major blessing of a calling, as well as a crazy one (we have nearly 20 kids, including 2 with special needs). I hope to become active on the boards as well. This seems like an awesome site that I've been missing out on. :) I hope to make lots of friends with people.
  6. merrychild


    Hi Mary! <3 Love the name!!!! :) See ya around. ~ Mary <3
  7. merrychild


    Hi people! My name is MARY. And I'm awesome. The end. Okay. Just KIDDING. I'll continue. I'm 26. I'm from Seattle. I love all things Japan. I attend a singles ward. I'm not the most active of members, but I absolutely love the Gospel. I'm working on my education, but I kind of want to leave Seattle. I love it here, but I want to explore on my own elsewhere. So I'm looking into finding an affordable college, far away from home. I'm trying BYU-H and the business college, but I'm also going to try for non-LDS schools. I'm really looking for a college with Japanese as a major or minor and either business or teaching ESL as a major. :) I work at a grocery store working with the self checkout. It's fun. :) But I would love to try something else or devote my life to my studies.