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    Insert Witty Comment Here

    Don't worry, they're one-in-the-same, haha.
  2. I done been 1-upped!
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    Hi All!

  4. Way Stations of Caring by Marianne Whipple? Way Stations of Caring
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    I served my mission in Kentucky, so southerners are my best friends. I feel like they're my people.
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    Starbucks Hot Chocolate?

    I'm trying to think of a scripture... Oh, here it is. 2 Ne. 28:21
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    Ahhhhh. I have some friends who served in NOFLA. I never got down further than Tennessee, to be honest.
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    Being vegetarian?

    Nothing in the Church or it's Doctrine says you cannot be a vegetarian and still maintain a good standing in the Church. My sister is a raw food diet follower and hasn't been excommunicated (yet).
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    A girl after my own heart! Where from in the Bible Belt?
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    Did you serve under Flake or Cannon?
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    Oh, I knew I forgot something. I also like my wife a great deal.
  12. Hello all... I'm new to the forums (obviously) and was kindly instructed by the notices and since I wanted to prove that I can be obedient to all things which I am commanded, here I am. My name is Jay. I'm a convert to the Church. I served my mission in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas from September 2002 - October 2004. I was married and sealed to my lovely wife in the Las Vegas Temple in July of 2005. We welcomed our first little girl into the mortal life in August of 2006 and are expecting the newest future Relief Society General President in mid-January. Church-wise, I'm currently a teacher to the 14-15 year old Sunday School and home teaching district leader. I like my family, golf, my wife, golf, my kiddos, softball and my eternal companion. Looking forward to getting to know all of you along our path to the eternities.