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  1. One living in Jerusalem can be described as a Jew no matter what the descent.
  2. Another thing that has helped me a lot is knowing that as we forgive others God forgives us, which I very much desperately need so much of the time.
  3. I was defending that he is not deceptive, however did he not command Abraham to sacrafice his son knowing that before the death blow he would stop him?
  4. Thats another thread whether or not God is capable to be deceptive at all as we so often are.
  5. I have no opinion on whether or not we had any say or desire who are parents might might be but I think we might have made friends there in which we might have wanted to connect here with them.
  6. This is one of the more difficult offenses to forgive for me and yet we read that if we don't forgive this, the greater sin lies within us.
  7. Of course they are different but not by much. Many negative discussions end up much the same as heated debates, just takes longer to get there.
  8. Could be worse by making lieing and adultry unlawful.
  9. I think the missionairies and some others are doin a very simllar thing as Joseph Smith did when he testified of the truth. When someone testifies to the world around him that he knows God lives and that the church has been restored, I think he is doing the same as Joseph Smith did when he testified to what he knew.
  10. Might fair better if the word discussion was used rather then debate.
  11. I had thoughts about the same thing before I posted and just now as I'm typing I'm wondering if that might be a bit decieving if that were the case.
  12. Descriptions of the first vision or any visions of angels tell me we look a lot like God.
  13. The family is a basic unit in or out of the church.
  14. Or perhaps we realised the extreme importance of this mortal life seeing how it would determine how the rest of our existance was going to play out.
  15. I seem to recall a scripture somewhere, I think it was in Moses where it says he was talking to the Spirit I think it was and it said he talked with him as a man talks to a man.