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  1. As an outsider.. I don't see what the big deal is. Can anyone explain why it's a big deal? It doesn't seem to be outside of the U.S... I'm trying to get a feel for why a rational person would discourage marriage between two adults because of a slap on the wrist where you have to wait a year to get sealed in a temple. What you do in the eyes of the government should have little bearing on your spiritual well-being and if the Christian God would punish a couple for becoming man and wife.. well.. He needs to get his multiple personality disorder treated.
  2. Just forward your post to whoever is in charge IMO. As a semi-outsider I can say.. keep your head up and don't look back.. it's nothing worth beating yourself up over. You had a good time.. you gave into natural urges.. next time, be stronger.
  3. I'm a little confused as to how the disbelief in any deity would lead to unhappiness..
  4. just once? you're a saint. if the bishop needed to hear about it every time a young man in his ward masturbated.. well.. i don't think he'd have time for a job at all.
  5. Absolutely. If he's an RPG gamer he's probably upset with the more recentish care-bear games that hold your hand. This game is brutally hard and it's worth every penny and minute spent playing.
  6. Your teacher would probably be glad you chose something other than Twilight.
  7. Absolutely this. It's in that same light that Catholics 'pray to Saints' too. I think it's cool
  8. No, I absolutely love your avatar.
  9. Strong avatar picture to post content relationship..
  10. It's just a primitive story and it didn't really happen (or an allegory?). Meant to inspire faith or explain away a previously unexplainable phenomena. Learn from the lesson it teaches.. it's much like that of Icarus, who ignored instructions and flew to high and the sun melted his wings made from wax.
  11. Some say you're defiling the temple.. some say you are decorating. Thankfully, it won't stop you from receiving any blessings.. which pretty much tells you all you need to know. It's more about avoiding the 'appearance of evil' (you have no idea how much I hate that phrase ).
  12. They are two different animals but are largely intertwined. On the topic of the sperm and egg not coming from the husband and wife.. does the church have the same stance when it comes to adoption? I've never really looked.
  13. I just hope the Church isn't punishing members for refusing to vote against the right to choose. On topic.. surrogacy is a fantastic thing if one is mentally equipped to deal with the stress that comes along with it. I'm around quite a bit of IVF and the like.. and it changes lives for the better. To deny this to joy to LDS members who want it seems cruel.
  14. People pray 'in the name of Christ' all the time. I fail to see the difference.. it's really the exact same concept.
  15. Well most people do go under to have their wisdom teeth removed