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  1. Dont blame it on the church. The church isnt a justice system. You are responsible for you, the church isnt going to discipline you. Start with that. Its not CHURCH rules. Its YOUR rules.
  2. Define addiction? ok i personally was addicted. But i dont care what it is if it is putting bad thoughts in your head, they are going to stay there. Your mind is a stage, and you are the director. But once you let that bad scene in it stays in the archives. If you let it escalate and get addicted you will regret it. For the rest of eternity.
  3. I have just a question. Has any other young woman or sister ever been addicted to pornography? They always emphasize men and boys and i feel like no one really thinks girls make the mistake too. Am i the only one?
  4. I was addicted to pornography for 3 years. I am a teenager and i have been actively trying to stop for one of those 3 years. I am doing really well, but i have done really well before and slipped and fallen back into it. I wanted to know if i NEED to talk to my bishop. What if i am able to stay clean? Can i wait until i am out of my home ward and in college to confess? I dont want my parents to know. I have never told a single soul. I have a very strong testimony, i am just stuck. I love the gospel, and i am so thankful for the Atonement. But i need to know what i need to do?