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  1. This is what I have: Dear Parents, It has come to our attention that as of late, a lot of parents are choosing to stay with their children during nursery time. While we know and understand that you are anxious to be a part of your child's nursery experience, we feel that we need to add a few guidelines to make the nursery experience a more enjoyable time for everyone. As is church policy, nursery is an optional program for those aged 18 months to 3 years old, if you would like to start bringing your young child a week or two prior to their 18 month birthday to help them get acquainted with those found in nursery, then please do so, however we are unable to accommodate those younger than 17.5 months until such time church policy changes Nursery time is a huge milestone for your young child on their pathway to learning the Gospel, it's not merely a "baby-tending time". While we are busy teaching your child about the gospel, the Relief Society has generously offered up their room during nursery time for you to escape to, chat with the other women in our ward, and unwind after a long week of enjoying your toddler. Relief Society has also graciously offered to throw in a lesson especially targeted to the joys of womanhood which we hope you'll find most enjoyable. As the space in nursery is limited, we will no longer be able to teach parents in the nursery room and will be focusing primarily on our targeted audience. Starting immediately we will have a new drop & run policy for parents bringing their little ones to nursery. We will continue to bring your child to you should they have any concerns that need to be addressed during their time in nursery. Sincerely, The Primary Presidency
  2. Update: We held a nursery / primary pres meeting and decided moms need to be gone, later spoke with bishopric who are behind us and of the same decision. A letter is to be made up and given to the nursery parents and the bishop will announce from the podium. I was put in charge of the letter. How to go about saying without sounding down right mean??? Every time I try to word I sound cruel...
  3. We had decided a year or so ago as my asd son reached the 8 is great age, that baptism just wasn't on the table for him as his comprehension just wasn't there. Around March-ish... he came to me and said "I want to be baptized like Jesus was" I spoke to the primary prez, and she told me to jump on it... if he was expressing a desire than he could have the understanding for it to be done. Met with the Bishop who held the same views, and we started with the missionaries understanding that we need to take it slow, break it down and move at a slower pace so he can understand. It took until September, but we got there and went for our Bishops interview, very informally with the Elders, me, the lil guy and the bishop. I brought along my primary book of pictures to help him along ... went just fine. 2 days before his 9th birthday, he was baptized. In his confirmation yesterday, I was told he's going to serve a full time mission some day :) My advice? Cruise along. Let your child show you when he's ready. Take small bites, little bits at a time as he can handle it. If he never gets there that's ok too. Perfect spirits are here to teach us and may not need it.
  4. 5 kids + 5 moms + one nursery leader + one nursery worker =7 "adults" to 5 kids
  5. Ooo Starbucks has this stuff, I don't even know what it is... it DOES have a name... my FIL started ordering it for me & says its perfectly ok.. It's like frothy warm milk with a vanilla shot in it.. so yummy
  6. You're there to be her sister and friend, not her doormat. By all means if she needs a babysitter, provide her with a list of yw/ym that are looking to babysit for some cash, and if she doesn't already know them, introduce them. I also think this is something to have a chat with either to your vt supervisor or your rs prez
  7. I'm actually in the primary presidency and the nursery leaders came to us with this concern. They said they've tried everything the can think of to get Moms out but they seem its social hour. One of the counselors has suggested a cutesy sign on the door, I'm thinking nothing short of locking them out is going to get em gone I think the fact that their chatting away without pause through lessons & prayers is most disturbing.
  8. Having some issues with the moms of our little nursery class... they won't LEAVE They're disrespectful, talk thru prayers, the lesson.. and it's just too crowded in our little nursery room with 2 leaders, 5 kids, and 7 moms We need to either get them out so our nursery leaders can do their job, or at the very least keep them quiet and respectful Ideas?
  9. My one year anniversary of being active is coming up, and I've just received my very first ever calling.......... second counselor in the primary presidency. I don't know what someone was thinking I'm super excited but at the same time feel so inadequate for what I see as a HUGE responsibility. I never went to primary, I joined the church in YW's. I'm terrified I'm going to fail miserably. I feel like this is a place where I could have a lot of fun & really enjoy my calling. When my bishop was speaking to me about this, he said something that stuck out about how I was never given the opportunity to attend primary and this would allow me to experience the most basic of teaching the gospel. What should I expect? I'm going for my first meeting with the primary prez and the first counselor (also just called on Sunday) this week. I was told to read the church handbook 2 chapter 11 (which I've done) and was given a small booklet on what the lessons will focus on each month for this year (outline for sharing time). We were also asked to have some names to submit for some teachers that need to be replaced. I did what I was asked... I prayed about it, when I was first asked I had thought of a name, but after praying about it only one name has come to mind (not who I originally thought of, TBH I know totally forget the first name...) I'm assuming that's my answer. I hope I'm doing this right......
  10. Mirrors my thoughts as well. The lack of eye contact, fixation on a certain toy, the speech-language delays, together are all consistent signs in autism. I would bring up your concerns to either your primary prez or your bishop. I would also discuss with the bishop bringing it up to the parents. My biggest concern is that therapy is so key to these children, that a late diagnosis can have pretty severe consequences to the child. I have 2 sons with autism, and both times it took someone pointing out concerns for me to act and bring things up to our doctor. Not that I'm an uncaring parent that doesn't notice things with my children, but sometimes it's easy to dismiss issues thinking the child will catch up, or that it's just you being a paranoid parent. I totally missed things with my older of the 2, and he wasn't diagnosed until he was nearly 5, and as such didn't get as much of the therapy he could have so desperately used. As someone else mentioned, routine is everything to children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) Nursery is not an everyday occurance and even though they may have been going for the last year and a half it's not an everyday routine.
  11. I was a single mother of 4, since I had been 7 months pregnant with my youngest daughter, who was 2 at the time. I remember one night sitting with a friend, and telling him that I felt I would be waiting until my children were much, much older, at least until in their teens until I would be in a position to ever date again. After all what kind of man would be interested in a single mom with so many children... Then I met my husband, he was also a single father with 4 kids. I only went out with him as a night off to relax, have some adult chatter with someone that I shared a common thing with and get a free meal. I figured 8 kids between us, just no way. We've been married for 4 years and have added 2 more kids to the mix Wouldn't change it for anything
  12. Be there for your child. Easy enough in the baby days when you need to be there to provide for their basic needs, but in the toddler days when they want to play with you, in the school days when they need someone to throw that baseball with... they'll learn you'll always be there with them. Discipline with love, not because you're angry or frustrated, but because you want them to learn the difference between right and wrong. Be consistent in your punishment, and always say what you mean. Be a good example. You can't honestly teach your child a lesson on the dangers of doing something when you are doing that exact same thing yourself. Don't even think they are not watching you and everything you do, they usually are. Be accepting. Your child will be his own person, and may not live up to what you have in mind. Let them discover what their own strengths are & help them develop those strengths into talents. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me...help me find the way.
  13. I might be able to shed a little light beyond what the others have already stated as so far as the tea/coffee rule. Tea in most cases, refers to orange pekoe tea, the kind most distributed in the americas as "tea", your typical red rose, king kole or whatever brand name in your local area. One of the key ingredients in tea is tannic acid, it's also an item used in tanning things such as hides (cow hides, deer hides) to separate the skin from the fur on animals. Coffee, as most already know has caffeine, it's addictive just as the nicotine in cigarettes is. They are poisons to our bodies. We all have a mission here in this life we need to fulfill. By cutting our lives short by adding these toxins into our systems, we may not be able to fulfill those missions we set out to do in the pre existence. Hence, we're instructed to avoid them. As someone else said, herbal teas are considered medicine & to be used when needed, not for recreation. As for the after life questions, I guess it would depend on which degree of glory you obtain. Celestial kingdom will be like your very best day here on earth every single day, your absolute happiest day. Terrestrial will be like your average day here, it will have it's ups and downs. Telestial will be your Monday...every single day, if something can go wrong it will go wrong.
  14. Things are moving so quickly now! I started submitting names on the 13 October, another batch was submitted 31 October, in total 9 names were submitted, all of them needing all their temple ordinances. This was my first time. 3 of them have now been baptized, 2 confirmed Stockholm temple, Varnal Utah Temple and a COLUM (which one is that?) temple. While I think it's really cool seeing these temples, I was kind of hoping that the temples that the work was done would mean something to me, rather than just being random temples...is that selfish? I did keep 2 of the names for myself and my daughter to do their work. While I still need to work on some things to be able to do it myself, my daughter has done proxy's with the YW's. Should I push thru and submit these last 2 names to be done? Am I holding up things on the other side for them by keeping these for us to do? I don't want to limit them by holding back, but I loved these women and want to be the one to do it for them.