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  1. Thanks for the response! I also live in a university ward - probably should have mentioned that. Well, it's not a university ward, per se, but is close to a university so it has a lot of young marrieds in it. Since there are also many older folks, its kind of tough to find inbetween ages to hang out with. I think my biggest problem is that I didn't grow up around many members so most of my friends haven't been LDS. I have a hard time knowing how to talk to LDS people - big problem on my mission, too. Thanks for your comments!
  2. I haven't tried that one yet. :) That's one way to avoid the "love tsunami"! Thanks for your thoughts. I guess the biggest issue here for me is to learn to be "active" (meaning other than going to church). In fulfilling callings, talks, lessons, etc. I interact with people more than I care to. I was just called to work with the Scouts - how's that for no wanting to interact with people much? :) Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, Dove, for the thoughtful answer. I appreciate your experience and learning from you. I am also somewhat "less-active" because I have a hard time at church with all the people. But when I do go, I usually enjoy myself and learn quite a lot. Also, being a member of the priesthood makes it somewhat difficult to stay on the fringe without offending or giving the wrong impression - it seems that I'm always expected to be "on point". Thanks again!
  4. Hi Red! I'm also from Georgia. Born and raised in the South. I'm new to this forum as well. I live a bit east of Atlanta. Welcome!
  5. Hi all, I'm fairly new here. I just have a question for some of you out there. I have a hard time going to church because I very much dislike socializing with people. I feel so much pressure to be chatty and perky that I sometimes over-act and misrepresent myself as a super nice and fun guy. (Then I find myself sorry later when Im invited to chat church over an awkward dinner.) I'm not mean at all, and I occasionally like a conversation or two when it's not about church life or culture, but sometimes I skip out on church because I can't handle the stress of having to talk to anyone. I guess it's also worth saying that I am easily overstimulated by lights, noise, etc and besides the mall at Christmastime, church is the second worst place to be for me! I know the concept of a "ward family" is important, but what can I do when "getting to know you" seems against my very nature? I readily help people move or clean, etc. because it doesn't involve me having to chat, just to do. I try to show my support of them this way, but I'm anxious to hit the road when then the post-move pizza comes out. This stinks! Any thoughts?
  6. Amen! I second this. However, for us, it's 8pm! This goes for arguments as well as serious, non-argumental topics (money, school woes, etc.) in our house. We save this time for winding down before another day's battle. 7 years of marriage may not be much, but it's been enough to see that any relationship fixing needs to happen when both parties are feeling somewhat energized. Good luck, you'll do fine. I think we all worry too much about our perfect relationships and whether we're being fulfilled. Sadly, life isn't about fulfillment and it never will be. Truth is, it's about partnering together to get through some dam(n) rough times. If you can do this with smiles even 70% of the time, I'd say you're winning! Keep strong and carry on!