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  1. kjmillig

    Where were you ... when the ban was lifted

    Our Bishop read a letter in Sacrament Meeting when I was almost 14 and Deacon's Quorum President, living in SE Texas. I remember it vividly, and remember thinking, "WOW! I just heard some real revelation from God being passed on to the members of the Church!" I really thought it was great!
  2. I'm fully aware of all aspects of the Church's connection to BSA. Does anyone have any official information about the Church's views on non-BSA Scouting, such as BPSA-US or other organizations like Trail Like? After more than 30 years in BSA I've been feeling fed up with politics, high dollar monthly mini high adventure camps, etc.
  3. I ran across this article at a site called "Bunyion" Cookies or Crumbs: LDS World Rocked by Girl Scouts It states that the Church will begin using Girls Scouts as part of the Young Women's program. Seeing that I can't find anything else online about it, I'm calling raising the utter nonsense flag. Anyone heard anything different?
  4. kjmillig

    Historic Sites Missionaries?

    Thanks for all the information so far. My wife and I were heavily involved with a small living history group in the past, and will likely do more in the future. It's something we really enjoy. I'm also a history teacher. Of course we'll serve where needed when that time comes, but we think it would be a wonderful and unique opportunity to share our talents in that way.
  5. Still a long way off for my wife and I, but are there any LDS historic sites with assigned couples missionaries? Further, are there any LDS historic sights with couple missionary or volunteer living history actors?