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    OK I thought there was a general jokes thread...

    Someone asked me if I wanted to be an organ donor. I said WHAT? I don't even own a piano!
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    You are probably LDS if...

    You better eat your steaks and hamburgers now because in Heaven, all animals, including cows will be immortal and the animals will be able to talk. Get use to fruits and vegetables.
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    Hello, I hope I am doing this right. I have been in the church for 42 years. I have 13 kids and 43 or so grandkids. I just ended a two year mission a couple of weeks ago. I am taking a break then I am going back to the same mission. Our mission is to preach the Gospel on the Internet. I also have my own blog. It is The Warrior Talk Spot. I will be on here off and on.
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    Violence in Mormon scripture

    I am new here. This is my first post. There is violence in the Bible also. The Book of Mormon was written for our time. It shows us what happened to them. We need to compare and learn from it to understand our day. There are only two influences; they are from God and Satan. Remember, we have always had Free Agency in the spirit world and we have it here. This is our final test. Anything goes here. Good and Evil, side by side. He wants us to learn to choose good but we need to experience them both, side by side, to make that choice. According to Elder Bruce R. McConkie we learned and were schooled in the pre-existence. We learned in our head and heart. Since our memory of the spirit world is blocked off during this test, what remains of what we learned is in our heart. He wants to see what we retained and if we would use it in making decisions here. If we are to become like Heavenly Father, we need to prove ourselves to Him and to ourselves. Why should He give us power and responsibilities in Heaven if we do not prove ourselves here? Those who cause wars and killing and violence are influenced by Satan or his angels and have chosen wrong. We are told by the Lord to obey the governments we live under. There could be saints on either side, killing each other, but the responsibility will rest on the Heads of those governments. The history recorded in the Book of Mormon is for our learning, for our day. It was to teach us what to look for and learn from their mistakes. Satan has been allowed temporary control, but it is getting close to the end. The wheat and the tares are being separated. Remember what the Lord told Joseph Smith in D&C 122. All that we go through is for our Experience.