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  1. We found out yesterday at church that our stake will be realigning the boundaries of the wards. We are having a special stake conference in a few weeks where they will be presenting the changes. Has anyone else been to one of these meetings before? I'm just wondering what goes on at the meeting, and what to expect. Thanks!
  2. I need some advice on how to forgive my husband. We've been married 6 years this month and have 2 young sons. He has been verbally abusive almost our entire marriage and denies that he is verbally abusive. I've been seeing a therapist and he has repeatedly told me that the things my husband says to me are abusive. I've spoken to him several time about how he makes me feel and he tells me he won't change. I have a lot of anger towards him, and I know I need to forgive him, but how can I forgive him for hurting me when he keeps doing it? (He has never physically hurt me.) I've been praying a lot, but feel I need to be doing more. Examples of some of his verbal abuse: -Repeatedly telling me while pregnant that I'm disgusting and I repulse him -While pregnant with my first child I had horrible back pain and was working about 50-56 hours a week. I would come home and lay down to relieve the pain - he always told me I was lazy -Telling me I'm gross when he sees me in my garments - he makes me change in the closet or bathroom -Telling me I need plastic surgery