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  1. My daughter has turned 13 now and the dresses she has are getting a bit small. We decided to go to several stores and found dresses that are either too inappropate to wear or too expensive($300). She is about 5'6" and have a size 12 girls waist and but the dress are way too short(mid thigh). The correct size for her would be a girls 18 or women 0 but the dresses is too baggy or not modest. I am requesting any simple patterns that are church modest and something your daughter would wear. I know enough of sewing to do my church shirts, but I have not done any dresses before. Also can you recommend a good dress material that is good for the winter?
  2. Some LDS Troops treats scout troops as Sunday school because of church raising. The LDS-BSA.org and other scout leaders are trying to change the mindset of "Sunday School" scout leaders. Try to lead by example and keep your head up. Pray for guidance and keep on the leaders. I had alot of the same issues, I don't know if this violates lds.net policy but I know a yahoo group called scouts-lds with a lot of lds scoutmasters who deals with these issues daily. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Scouts-LDS/info
  3. I complain my son(who is 16 with Aspergers) that he watches too much TV and too much video games such as the cartoons like simpsons, power rangers, and Warcraft. Now he is complaining that I watching too much TV because I am watching older conference talks and church videos. He feels that General Conference should be allocated to regular TV time. What do you feel about this?
  4. I been inactive for a while and now I am getting married to a Non-LDS member with two kids. I have been going to her church for the last year(her congregtion is about 20 people registered) She is moving to my state with her family and she is going to come to my church meetings and we agree that I will not force any memberhship on her and the kids. Now how would I explain this to the bishop and the missionaries? The kids are used to taking the sarcrement at the old church and how should I handle this with the ward? The kids has been to once lds meeting in their area and is excited to come to church but don't want to be members until they are ready. Any ideas and suggetions?