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    I'll start with my questions first: is it appropriate to talk to my bishop about receiving a calling? And how do callings work? I'm coming back home from school and am eager to have a calling and serve in my ward. I was thinking of texting my bishop and giving him the heads up that I'm coming home and would like to be kept in mind for a calling. But is that appropriate? Do I wait to see what God wants from me in my ward and not influence that process at all? My friend also texted a member of the bishopric and they asked him what calling he wanted. He also said that he wanted to give a talk and they are going to let him do that as well. I thought that was weird because it's based on the Lord. I'm not exactly sure how this works though.
  2. Does not wanting to be apart from someone you're dating always mean that you want to be with them forever? I dated this guy for a year and it was a bad relationship because we were both in rough spots. We took a three month break because he went to school in another state and I stayed home. I didn't talk to him pretty much all that time and dated someone else, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. Now I'm in school with him and we're talking again, and we're both doing much better. My problem is that I don't want to be apart from him and I'm not sure why. I feel like there might be other people better suited for me, but I almost don't care because I don't want this guy not apart of my life. Could it be familiarity? What do you guys think?