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  1. I'm going to serve a full-time stake mission in a few months, and as far as my knowledge goes, that includes proselyting locally with the sister missionaries in my ward. I've went on team-ups with them a few times and I already have an idea of what it'll be like. I live in the Bible belt and LDS make up less than 1% of the population in my state. I'm a convert to the church and I used to be a Southern Baptist before I joined the church. I've heard about stereotypes about missionaries, but as a soon-to-be sister missionary, are there any for female missionaries? I've been met with doors slammed in my face when out with the full-time sister missionaries as soon as they saw a Book of Mormon in my hand, rude people, and there's been people who listen to the message of the Restoration. For those who have served missions after the "Book of Mormon" musical debuted and ongoing shows on stage continuing, did it play a factor in the people you met\taught? I'll be a member for a full year on August 6 and I've been excited about serving a mission since I was baptized, but I was originally hoping to serve a full-time mission, but I'm glad there's a mission for me to serve Heavenly Father!
  2. I appreciate it. I was sustained and set apart yesterday, and I was asked to do a talk about missionary work next month. Things are going great.
  3. Thank you! I certainly will attend church, of course out of routine, but also to be set apart. I do my best to keep my faith strong and alive as well as listening to the Spirit as often as I can (although I make minor mistakes as a normal person), and I want others to feel the happiness that I feel in the gospel. My goal is to be a full-time missionary next year.
  4. Ever since I was an investigator, I attend a Wednesday night Book of Mormon class, and there's usually tons of discussion for understanding based on the scriptures being read. Right now, we're in Alma 33, so it's getting exciting. I do know of a family home evening that I went to once and it's one for single people, such as myself, and I can be prepared for anything that will be expected of me. Unfortunately, I have a messed up email that won't let me send one back to people most of the time, so I'll figure something out. I've yet to be sustained, so I don't know what my first duty is, but I'm very sure that Heavenly Father will be there with me 100%. Thanks very much.
  5. I strongly appreciate it! I, as well as a new member, can do the best I can to fulfill my calling.
  6. I received my first calling yesterday and I'm excited to be sustained next Sunday. I'm hoping to begin helping others and begin sharing my testimony with investors. I was baptized on August 5 and I want to have successful help to others to happiness.