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  1. Hey everyone quick Q. My fiance and I are in a long distance relationship (shes in Italy). We both apologized and everything but I still want to do something to kind of make it up. Sending anything through mail will take too long so any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hey everyone! Currently my fiance and I are separated thousands of miles so we cannot really visit each other often. We met at school and got engaged some months later but she has to go away for work for the time being. Anyways we knew it would be hard but it is a lot harder than we had imagined and it has put stress on both of us. Anyways just looking for some things we can do to keep the fire burning and the relationship thriving unitl we can be married in August. For the record we are both are keeping our goals in mind and are always told "just hold out it will be worth it". So we know that just looking for some ideas to keep it going and keep the romantic side of things up so its not like were just reporting our day to each other when we talk but like we are in a romantic relationship. Thanks!
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    I have been dating this girl for awhile now. I have bought a ring and everything and we are deeply in love. There is one thing that has come up a couple of times that has been a source of contention. We always get over it but I just want some advice about what I should do. Okay so we will call her Susie. Susie loves to go tanning. I know it seems harmless to her. However I have read the statistics and just how dangerous indoor tanning actually is. Increased chance of melanoma by 75%. I expressed this concern in the nicest way I knew how but she did not like what I said. She reassures me that she will not get skin cancer but I dont know how she could know this. I just want her to be around when we have kids and not laid up in the hospital or recovering from skin cancer. Anways any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!!