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    Is getting pregnant from a sperm donor not allowed in the church?

    Seeming fate to remain single, at 33 I decided to use the healing power of the gospel, and especially the spirit of the temple, I volunteered to become a temple worker, and decided on a path to a really high paying career in the Air Force to be able to help my siblings and nephews financially. I gave up my righteous desires for Husband and children to the Lord. Right before I was to move back and start my enlistment process in earnest. I got a letter of recommendation from the temple president. I prayed one last time for a marriage and family and the next day met my husband! While maybe my story will make her a little sad/bitter, I think the answer lies in the Gospel and the Temple. She can plan however to take in foster children and such I think. But she needs to be practical there are many abused and special needs children she could help, but not with long work hours. I wish your friend will find peace. The temple is the best place for finding peace.
  2. elfgirlkaname

    Is getting pregnant from a sperm donor not allowed in the church?

    I had a friend who was in the same situation looks wise, very tall too I think 6' didn't like makeup either, and was a great person very strong and a good testimony, but I being a little vain didn't think she would have the opportunity to get married in this life. I was so wrong to think that, she married a lovely young man and he informed me that he liked her as soon as he met her, mostly he said he was looking to marry someone of good values and that was the most important thing to him in a wife. I was 31 at the time and after moving to another state to gett engaged to a guy who decided to treat me horribly and didn't want to go to the temple... He was a member. I knew I couldn't marry him after one too many lies, I wallowed a little in my