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  1. I think this is a very interesting thread. We stand at a unique perspective...looking back at the life of Christ, after his birth, a sinless life, atonement, death, and resurrection. Looking back on his life from the point in time from which we are now standing, Christ was perfect. That is because we are looking at his mortal life/mission from a beginning/end perspective. His birth, in and of itself, would not have been as spectacular if he did not live up to measure of his creation and fulfill all that the Father asked. As I think of the life of the Savior, pre-mortal and mortal, if I hit "pause" at any point on the timeline of his life, I testify that up to that point he was perfect in fulfilling what he had been expected to that point. To say that he was not perfect until he suffered is (to me) the equivalent of hitting "pause". Yes, he was perfect at that point. Just as--I feel--he was perfect up to any other point to which we could pause on the timeline of his life. But his story did not end at the point of his suffering in the garden of Gethsemane. He still had much more to do--his physical suffering, his death, his visit to the Spirit World, his visit to the Nephites, and his ascension to God. Even now, from where we stand in the timeline of the earth, he still has much to do! He still has to return to earth and reign for a thousand years. From the perspective that I now stand, a couple thousand years since his birth, life, death, and resurrection, all that matters to me is that he came, he lived, he served, he obeyed, he suffered, he died, and he was resurrected. From the point in time from which I now stand, Christ was and is perfect. He fulfilled all righteousness. He did all that Heavenly Father asked. It should not matter at which point I pause on the timeline of his life, because I know that he did all that he was asked up to any point to which I could pause. I think how we are defining or understanding the word perfection is key. As for me, I would have had to have raised my hand and testified that Christ was and is perfect. He did all that the Father asked at each point in his life. That he lived an entire life without sin, that he lived an entire life consistently and humbly obeying the will of God, and that he atoned, died, and was resurrected so that all mankind will also be resurrected and so that all mankind can have the opportunity to live with God once again is more than good enough for me. To me, I can't hit "pause" when it comes to the life of Christ. His whole life--pre-mortal, mortal, and post-mortal--is what has everlasting significance to me. I can testify without any qualms that Christ was and is perfect.
  2. Sorry about that! It is a cool app. I still like "real" books, but it is cool getting books a little cheaper and quicker by just downloading them. Although I love collecting books, and I have an extensive home library, I do like that trees are not being destroyed to support my book habit. LOL
  3. Did you know that if you have the Deseret Bookshelf that there are many free or really inexpensive ebooks that you can download? Here is what I have so far: Discourses of Brigham Young Gospel Doctrine Lectures on Faith Miracle of Forgiveness Teachings if the Prophet Joseph Smith Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt Jesus the Christ History of Joseph Smith by His Mother The Remarkable Soul of a Woman Library of Freedom: A Collection of Essential American Documents The Standards Works Increase in Learning (I think I only paid $6 or so for this!) The Mansion: 100 Anniversary Edition Strong and Faithful: A Message for Women Anybody else use the Deseret Bookshelf app? Thoughts? Any recommendations? :)
  4. Okay, so I finally upgraded from my Blackberry. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S II. Nope, still not a very current phone, as I think they are currently on # 4. Anyway, if anybody has this same phone...what security app did you download? There are a bunch of free ones on Google Play...I downloaded the Norton free version. Just wondered what others were using.
  5. Oh, tonight we listened to and read along to Alma Chapter 20. I learned tonight that I had been pronouncing Middoni wrong. My favorite verses from tonight's reading: 20:17-18 Because Ammon stood up for his friend, Lamoni, and because Ammon really spoke plainly with Lamoni's father and cut right to the heart of the matter. 20:24 Ammon clearly values those he loves more than trivial riches or power. He asked for Lamoni to be able to keep his kingdom and for Lamoni's father to not be upset with Lamoni. He also asked for his brethen to be cast out of prison. 20:29 Ammon saw his brethren after they were brought out of imprisonment. I was touched by the words "exceedingly sorrowful" to describe how Ammon felt upon seeing how his brethren had been treated. We had a really good discussion tonight over what we read. I have really enjoyed reading about Ammon.
  6. (emphasis added)I agree wholeheartedly! My kids are many grade-levels above their current grade in reading. In fact, both are "gifted" in reading according to their schools (though I hate labels, they are truly talented in reading). Now, it may not just be from years of reading scriptures aloud, it could be because they have a mother who has thoroughly enjoyed reading books aloud to them since they were infants. It could be because their mother is an avid reader and they always see her reading. It could be because there is a "no technology" rule in our house on school nights for them. It could be because they have to read from their chapter book for an hour every day (except on Fridays). It could be because they are naturally smart. Or it could be because of all of these things. However, Vort, I have been dealing with so much nit-picking between the two of them during scripture reading. We get off track sometimes, after discussing the verses, that we forget whose turn it is. Well, with my two, it becomes a matter of life/death and a possible argument just trying to remember whose turn it was. <sigh> Also, my daughter (12) likes to read the scriptures with theatrical quality reading, and my son (10) likes to speed-read. It was just getting to the point that I couldn't focus on the message of the verses for trying to over-look their manner of reading. I seriously have attention problems! Anyway, since my kids are not in danger of back-tracking on their reading ability, since hearing a "normal" voice reading keeps me from losing the spirit, and since listening to the audio keeps a brawl from breaking out over whose turn it is, I would say that this is good for us!! LOL We have only been doing it for a short time like time will tell if it will work. Still, I agree totally with your post. The scriptures are a great way for anybody to better their reading ability.
  7. The truth is, my daughter is beautiful, and seeing her smile and enjoy a little color in her hair brought me joy. It was subtle, and not freaky. I don't want her wearing it on Sundays, but she has not even asked.
  8. My daughter will be 12 in a few months, and my son will be 10 soon.
  9. We read our scriptures together as a family in the evening, usually after eating dinner together. Usually we each sit in our spots around the table and take turns reading aloud from our individual scriptures. We stop and ask/answer questions and we talk about what is going on in the verses and how we can relate or apply it to our lives. It takes awhile. We have been reading the Book of Mormon since last year and we are only in Alma. We just got to the part about Abish and the king and queen. Well, we have found something that the kids really like, and it goes a lot faster! I use my phone to play to the audio scriptures as we each read along in our own scriptures with the audio. I pause the audio when somebody has a question or comment, or when me or dad want to elaborate on what we read/heard. It is working great! The voice on the audio reads rather fast, and we are able to move through the scriptures much faster, without losing the opportunity to discuss and digest what we have read. We also like that we can hear how to correctly say names and certain words. Apparently, I have been saying Abish incorrectly! LOL I access the audio scriptures on my phone either through the Mormon Channel app or through the Church app (the app with the golden figure of the angel Moroni on the front). Anyway, just thought I would share. The kids really love this new way of family scripture study.
  10. My husband and I are friends, not combatants. Neither one of us bullies the other...not that it would we are both strong-willed and don't respond well to certain forms of communication. If my husband asks me to do something, I know that it is because he needs my help. Likewise, he knows that if I ask him for something it is because I need his help. We respect each other greatly. My husband is very smart. He can fix or build anything. I am a work-horse. He knows that I can, and I do, work hard inside the house and outside in the yard. Maybe that is why we do not feel disturbed or annoyed to assist each other when the other needs it. It helps too, that we also like and love one another. :)
  11. Hello PC! :) I have only skimmed through the posts (starting with the OP) up to this point. As I skimmed, I asked myself, Why this Church? Why is none other right for me? I was an atheist. I grew up in Miami. I was exposed to quite a few religions. All of them repelled me for one reason or another. I don't mean that in an ugly way. I am just speaking true to how I felt at the time. In my youth I was repelled by the very notion of "organized religion". However, there were certain things that I "knew", even as an atheist. I knew that my sister, who had been born with severe spina bifida and died at the age of ten, would be in a perfect form after death. I knew that her soul lived on, even though her body lay buried in Georgia. I knew that I had known certain people in my life before this life, although I didn't believe in reincarnation. How could I know or believe all those things yet be an atheist? Thus, my frustration with labels. They never seem to fit me well. Then I read the Gospel Principles manual in 1998. It made sense. What I read fit with what I would believe if I believed in religion. Also, something spoke to me on a deeper level than merely "making sense". I felt the truthfulness of the gospel. Did I feel it in my soul? My body? I think I felt the truth of what I read in that manual in my spirit and throughout every fiber of my being. I don't live my religion to prove something to others. I don't live my religion to impress others. I don't live my religion to "fit in". I don't live my religion to compete with anybody. Quite frankly, my religion is about me. It is about my relationship with God, my belief in God, and my love of God. As I increase in my love and knowledge of Heavenly Father, I can see where it radiates outward in my thoughts, my words, and my actions. The stronger my relationship is with Heavenly Father, the better able I am--and the more willing I am--to reach out to others and serve them, forgive them, and love them. Without this gospel, I am not sure I could live. How could I return to a life without the companionship of the Holy Ghost? How could I return to a life without guidance from a true and living prophet? How could I return to a life without the sure knowledge that I am a daughter of God? More importantly, how could I return to a life without the atonement of Christ working in my life to wash away my sins and bring me peace and happiness? Without this gospel, I lose the opportunity to live with Heavenly Father, thus losing the opportunity to live with my sister again, and the rest of those that I love dearly. It is too late for me. I can't walk away, turn my back, or become neutral ever again. Not only would I be turning my back on all that the gospel has to offer, but I would be denying everything that I have felt and learned since first reading the Gospel Principles manual in 1998. PC, I hope I was able to communicate why being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not only right for me, but it really is the only choice for me.
  12. I have a new phone. My husband and I each got Samsung Galaxy S II. They aren't the newest version, but they were cheap...only $20 each with a new contract. I really like the phone so far. It is like having a phone, Kindle Fire, and laptop all-in-one. In fact, this is the first time I have been on my laptop since getting my phone, and I never use my Kindle Fire any more. Anyway, my friend and co-worker downloaded an app that she has on her phone, Mr. Number (sp?). It has been deflecting all the calls and texts from "stalker". I don't think the person on the other end knows that their calls/texts are being deflected. I don't care. As long as I don't have to be annoyed.
  13. Well, I did it. I bought my daughter stuff to color her hair. I got it from Amazon. It came in a three-pack. The colors that came in the pack were: pink, purple, and a glittery white/silver. The brand is Color Me. It is like big mascara wands. Just brush the color on. It washes out. The coolest thing...I had fun streaking my daughter's hair for her. It gave us something to do together. :)
  14. I need to add something. If I was physically or mentally unable to attend church, but I still had a true and sincere desire to attend church and to participate in the gospel, I would not consider myself inactive. However, if I became inactive because I no longer wanted to participate in the gospel, I no longer wanted to worship God, and I no longer wanted to honor any of my covenants, then that is the point in which I would no longer label myself Mormon. Does that make my thougths clearer?