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  1. I looked for a thread discussing the TV show and did not find one so forgive me if I've missed it. Is anyone watching it? What do you think of it? How do you feel while watching it? With the changes in law regarding marriage, do you think polygamy is on the horizon again? If so, after seeing the show does it scare you? My answers: Yes, obviously I watch it. It's interesting to see the cross over from FLDS to LDS but I've heard everyone is a plant except one girl. I feel dirty and anxious. It feels like I'm supporting something that's wrong or watching it. I've thought about polygamy a lot and have always said I wouldn't have a problem sharing my husband but I certainly wouldn't want to have to live in an environment like I've heard is the way FLDS live. Yes, it does.
  2. Tamrajh

    The spiritual experiences of others.

    Just curious, how are you dealing with it now that it's been a little while since you first posted. Do you feel any better about the situation?
  3. Tamrajh

    The spiritual experiences of others.

    I would take the time to fully invest in my testimony, ensuring that I understand what the principles are of our church and the atonement (which is a big part of our church). Then I would continue to love my brother and avoid confrontations with him about religion that may become contentious. He may well have received that inspiration. I did at one time myself but then I ran around in circles trying to understand life and give it purpose. Only when I was done running in circles did I come back and read the BOM for the first time (life long member, didn't read it until my 40s). After reading it I prayed and researched and prayed and researched. I am now in a much different place than I was twenty years ago when I knew the church wasn't true and the book was mythical. The saying "If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it" can also apply here in that the principle of the statement means he gives you what you can handle when you can handle it. As we progress, we can understand more so he gives us more so we can understand more so he gives us more... If your brother is in a place to understand there is a God and religion should be a part in his life, that's great. At some point in time he may be ready to read the BOM and get the inspiration that it is true. It may be in this life or it may be in the next but the important thing is to love him, no matter what. That will do more to help him than anything else, IMO.
  4. My uncle has a theory that I find interesting and is along these same lines. It goes something like this: Kolob is where the earth was when it was the Garden of Eden but when Adam and Eve transgressed and all things changed the earth was removed from Kolob and put in it's current place and state. His theory is that when all is done after the Millenium, the earth will be changed to it's paradisical glory, becoming the celestial kingdom, and will again be in Kolob which is next to God (I'm not sure how that ending goes exactly). Any thoughts on this?
  5. Tamrajh

    If everything happens for a reason

    Note. I am not only bipolar but I also have something else going on that we haven't figured out yet so please forgive me if my answers are all over the place. First, let me thank you all for not assuming I'm out of control and need whatever to help me not make that decision. I appreciate that you respected my clarifications in my initial post. :) Second, thank you for all being so serious and intent with your answers. You obviously took this seriously and spent time contemplating how to reply. Third, after I completed the post I remembered free agency - the thing that makes it so even if God does know that we have the propensity to take an action, it is still up to us whether we do it or not. It is also up to everyone else to determine if they are going to rape, steal, destroy, graduate, etc. And all of those things have consequences (remember, not all consequences are bad). Fourth, the reason I think things happen for a reason, and perhaps I should have clarified that I meant big decisions or actions, is because as I look back on events that have occurred in my life, I can see how they led me down a path or gave me experience, to deal with an upcoming event. And finally, for those of us who are mentally ill, are we held to a different standard? Back to one part of my initial question, since he knows we are mentally ill and may possibly harm someone or ourselves, is it more permissible than if someone "normal" (yes I know there is not a normal) were to make a detrimental act? Are we held to a different standard? I've always heard that the people who were born with a mental or physical disability are protected in some way. They are the precious souls that He needed to keep safe for a reason unknown to us. I know we'll never know in this lifetime if this is true but I wondered what other people thought/felt about this. One more thing. Thank you, Vort, for remembering me and stating such. Being remembered is a great compliment and I appreciate it. I haven't been on here for 4-5 years and you still remembered me. You're awesome. :)
  6. If everything happens for a reason, what is the reason for suicide? If God knows what we're going to do before we do it, does He know we're going to commit suicide? If He knows we are, why doesn't He do something to intercede such as having just the right person call us or say just the right thing? If He knows we are going to give up, why expect us to keep going? No, I'm not suicidal but I think about it a lot and I've always looked at things as having a purpose. The reason I didn't have a job was because we had to learn to live on one income so when I got sick (which I am) we would be accustomed to it. Things like that. But then I started wondering today about suicide and what its purpose might be. I hope I don't upset anyone or cause any emotional stress, I'm just wondering what other people think. BTW, for those of you over 45, do you know what the theme song to Mash is? Look it up. It has words. Words that may surprise you.
  7. I know how it feels to be left alone and feel ignored. Deserted. The one thing I know for sure, even when I am alone is that this is the true church and will lead us to exaltation through Jesus Christ. His Atonement will save us if we allow it. The problem is, that doesn't cure the pain of feeling ignored and alone. For those times I turn to reading, genealogy, email "talks" with my family and FB to help me get lost in someone else's life so that I can forget mine temporarily. I imagine that only helps for so long, however. I am sorry that you are in such a crappy place but it sounds a lot like the situation Job found himself in. All things happen for a reason according to President Hinkley but it's hard to know what the reason is. Especially while it's happening. I can only assume that you are in this situation to help solidify your testimony so you can be a source of support for someone else. In my experience we are given chances to help others based on our experiences. Hopefully you can hold out knowing that. You may be the one to help someone find salvation. :)
  8. Tamrajh

    Veil between the living and the dead

    I can understand your feelings of concern. After all, many people who have professed to see the dead (I see dead people) or speak to the dead have been committed to an asylum and if you see a psychiatrist the ask if you've ever "seen things that are not there". Answering that in the positive again could land you in the insane asylum. However, the insane and the LDS are not the only two groups to have seen the dead. My inlaws are not LDS but a few years ago the matriarch passed away suddenly in a horrific car accident. The daughter saw her many times in the year that followed both in dreams and while awake and the son also saw her. This had nothing to do with temple work and they are not insane. IMO the dead are active and, although I don't know the specific reasons nor why or how, they do reach through the barrier at times. In my case it has only happened in the temple but that's not to say it's the only place it can or will happen. If this passage causes concern, perhaps you could do some research to discover stories from others who have been visited. To me this is not the same as conjuring them up to ask where the family gold is hidden or asking them to possess someone's body.
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    Or atheists
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    Welcome Tom! It's interesting that you desire a conversation about Mormonism and Catholicism. I recently visited a Monestary and purchased a book that a Monk wrote. I can't remember the name nor can I find it at present however the gist of it was the difference between the two religions. I found it very interesting and would love to discuss our similarities with you. :) Regarding Mormon culture, it varies from city to city and even block to block so you'll get just as many responses. I hope you enjoy your time on the site.
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    Hello Eileen, I am old here. :) I hope you enjoy the site!
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    What will happen to him?

    Thought I'd add my 2 cents. I have gone through all the stages of discipline including being excommunicated. Twice. In my experience there is not always a full council that helps make the decisions. Sometimes the Bishop is given the instruction right away from the Lord and will put it into play. Sometimes further meetings are required. As I recall, the Bishop is over the women, the Stake President is over the men so he should not be surprised if he is invited to speak with his Stake President. It is not necessarily the end of the road. Additionally I would like to add some insight into the hell of being excommunicated and what it's really like. 1. It is scary and you feel alone. This is the time you need help and support so you don't go running into the arms of the devil. Just because someone has been excommunicated does not mean they are a bad person. 2. People make bad decisions. Some decisions are worse than others and need to be dealt with accordingly. 3. I know it sounds stupid but it really is not a punishment. It is to be used as a time for the person to really investigate who they are and what they believe in. It is not easy to come back to church when you feel like everyone knows what's happened and the embarrassment of not accepting the sacrament. 4. This is a time to learn humility, trust, love, peace, honesty and integrity. If used well the person will feel closer to the Lord than ever before. They will understand what the sacrament means, how the atonement effects us and helps us. 5. Even the simple things of being able to give a prayer or bear your testimony are withheld. There were many times I cried during sacrament or relief society because no one took the time to bear their testimonies and I really needed them to I came to understamd what it meant to have that privelege and what it could mean to others. 6. The experience of being rebaptized is more special than you will ever know. Having the full knowledge of the atonement, feeling the love of Heavenly Father, Christ, family and friends, and the bishopric. 7. The closeness I feel now to my Savior could not have been attained if I had not been excommunicated twice. It takes me a while to catch on but the second time took a lot longer and a lot more work. That's when I grew and when I began to grasp what the Church is really all about. 8. I don't know if you can come back after a third excommunication but if that's what someone needs in order to learn who they are and what the Atonement is, then so be it. There is very little talk about excommunication other than it is feared more than giving a talk in stake conference. It hurts and it's supposed to but it can make the person stronger and their testiomony much better. It really is a way of love because it gives you the chance to feel His love. One more thing. The person needs to forgive themselves. That is the hardest part but the Atonement covers that too. It really is necessary to love yourself in order to feel whole. Tell your friend that what he's going through now is much worse than the meeting with the Bishop itself. He is in hell right now and the only way out is through the Bishop. Good luck.
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    Hello Cntryhrt! You sound like you are doing well and headed in the right direction. Good for you! I love hearing success stories (especially of women). Having the love of Christ in my life has certainly helped get through some rough patches. It sounds as though you've had similar experiences to mine. Good luck!
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    Hi Bigcreek! Lurking is good. Participating is better. :)
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    Hi ldswritergirl! I used to be pretty shy too but once you jump in about 10 million thousands of times it gets easier. And better. :)