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Found 11 results

  1. Will there be polygamy in the Celestial Kingdom? I'm getting married in five weeks. The idea that my fiancé and will covenant to be devoted and faithful to each other, only to have him take more wives in the eternities, really, really upsets me. It makes me feel like our sacred bonds of marriage will be meaningless. I've confessed my feelings to my fiancé, and he too was bothered by the scenario. I'm finding very little official church doctrine to either confirm or deny, and this issue is weighing heavy on my shoulders. I don't know what to think. If being in the celestial kingdom means I must "share" my husband, I don't know if I want to be there. I have a strong testimony, but this issue is just something I can't shake. While writing this post, I've literally started crying, thinking of my husband being married to and intimate with another woman. Please help me. Edited to add: I also can't imagine WHY polygamy would be good, righteous, or acceptable. What is wrong with one man and one woman being married? Is that relationship not sacred and special?
  2. Carol Lynn Pearson is respected for her many works in the Church. She has done many programs for LDS youth, among them, video entitled, A Time To Love, as well as numerous poems and other media for the Church. She has also had her share of trials. She was married in the temple, and much later, found out that her spouse came out as gay. He later chose to pursue a gay lifestyle. One of her children, a daughter, got married, and also found a trial in her marriage, I believe, as well. Also, Carol found at a young age, that polygamy was treated, at times, unintentionally, insensitively. When she was in seminary, her teacher, a man, who had married for time and all eternity in the temple to his 1st wife, told how she had died, and he was sealed for eternity to his 2nd wife, and told how he believed he would be married forever to both of them. This really bothered the young, impressionable Carol. I think, I can sympathize, how a young, perhaps 16 year old young woman, would feel to go to seminary and hear that. How would that make a faithful young woman, or any young woman feel? She had been taught that polygamy was not allowed, but hear she had heard that polygamy will continue in the eternities. She wrote a book recently called The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy. We have been told that polygamy will come back someday, although it is not practiced now. In the Book of Mormon, Jacob (one of my favorite prophets, I guess because he does seem to show sensitivity towards a woman's feelings) and sensitivity towards how I think the Lord intended marriage to be) did say monogamy was generally the Lord's standard, and only polygamy was allowed when the Lord commanded it, otherwise, it was monogamy. I look at the billions of people on the earth today. And they evolved from the start of just one couple: Adam & Eve. A couple of one man with only one wife. I think that , although I have not read her book, from what I have heard about it, she is trying to help others realize the need to be sensitive about this issue. I know she wants polygamy to not be in existence. Certainly, if there were an even amount of righteous men and women to be paired off, I couldn't, in my mere mortal mind, comprehend a need for polygamy, as I see marriage as a sacred, close relationship, and a partnership with a spouse and God and a way to invite His children to be in a family to teach them to come learn of Him and come return to Him someday. And in the next life, I really don't know what the purpost beyond creating worlds would be. I really think one couple would be enough with just one man and one wife. I don't see the hurry to have a man have multiple wives to do that. God is patient, and that sacred relationship and trust do not need to be broken. Of course, I am limited in my understanding, and if there is an unequal amount of righteous men & women, that can change things. The Lord will work things out. In her book, she apparently sought out how hurt it made people feel about polygamy and the concern about it occuring in the eternities. I have had some concern, but have also prayed and felt peace about it. However, I think it is important to treat this topic with sensitivity. Sometimes I do feel concern, when a man marries 2nd wife (and I am just saying in general) for eternity) after he has a1st sealed to him forever) I think that can be seen, and pardon me for seeming a little blunt, but I think it may seem a bit selfish for him to do that to those 2 woman. He could simply marry the 2nd for time and not have to make them have to deal with emotionally going through sharing him in eternity. I can understand wanting a companion in life and needing someone to raise kids, but its not fair for the 2nd woman to not have her very one man to herself and for the firsr wife too. Anyways, and the purpose of polygamy, if people research the real reasons, is not for some of the unsensitive reasons some people have alluded too. The Lord meant for all marriage to be sacred and holy. There was a article on mormon hub recently emphasizing pleasure in marriage and it really took away from the spirit of the sacredness of what the Lord intended. Also some have mistakenly said polygamy would satisfy a men's sex drive, this is wrong. Men need to control themselves. And that kind of a man will not have another wife. I don't believe the Lord will condone the 100's of wives David had in eternity and the ones Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had were mostly in name only for protection at a time that was different then what we experience now. Anyways, its not the sick way some people make it out to be and if people have that mind set, there won't be polygamy at all. The FLDS have it all wrong. Monogomy is the Lord's standard on the earth today. The ancient practice was what men set up, not what God set up, God started with Adam and Eve. Anyways, Carol with her book is trying to get polygamy to end. Men can be sealed to more than one. Women can only be sealed to one , in the end they have to choose only one. We really don't know how it will be on the other side. I know we can feel peace with it. She seems to be in good standing with the Church, so perhaps they are not opposed. I think we should be open minded and respectful of marriage and sensitive and be careful what is said about polygamy,.
  3. Hello! I'm actually new here, great website so far! I'm really enjoying reading these discussions here. I love diving deep into the gospel! I had a question that I came across in my scripture studies. That question led to many more questions upon further reading and investigation. I think after talking with my Bishop and a couple of my teachers and friends, I've come up with all the answers I need for myself that I think make sense, but I wanted to know your opinions on the subject too! My original question was this... I was reading in Jacob one day and came across this verse: Jacob 2:24- 24 Behold, David and Solomon truly had many wives and concubines, which thing was abominable before me, saith the Lord... After reading this, I remembered a verse in D&C... D&C 132:1- 1 Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you my servant Joseph, that inasmuch as you have inquired of my hand to know and understand wherein I, the Lord, justified my servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as also Moses, David and Solomon, my servants, as touching the principle and doctrine of their having many wives and concubines— When I first read these verses, my first thoughts were that these verses contradicted. In Jacob, the Lord says it was an abomination, yet in D&C the Lord tells Joseph Smith it was justified. What do you guys think? Like I said, I think I got some good answers but I want to see your opinions as well! I'm excited to see the discussion.
  4. One of the most controversial topics of Mormonism, Polygamy, has troubled me for some time, but for different reasons than what most people get hung up on. My issue: Why would God introduce Mormons to the practice of polygamy only to restrict it, and then say the restriction is only temporary and that Polygamy is indeed a true eternal doctrine to be embraced by those worthy and willing at a later time? When has God ever introduced something as a true eternal doctrine only to later restrict it until further notice? This kind of back and forth practising of eternally true doctrine does not follow the nature of God as I know and understand it. Some have said that the Lord had to restrict Polygamy because while it is a true eternal doctrine, had the Church continued to practice it, it would of led to the Church's demise considering the United States was very close to shutting down the Church back in the 1800's. But how does this type of thinking make sense? Since when has God been dependent on man in the timing of his designs? Why would Polygamy need to be embraced by popular consent of man in order to be allowed to be practiced? When has God ever done anything that was popular to the mainstream? Did he send His son Jesus Christ to Earth during a time that it was safe and popular to accept someone as the Savior of mankind? Did King Harold not command all new born male babies be killed? Why then would Mormons and the Church be sparred from persecution by no longer needing to practice polygamy? Even if the Lord hasn't revealed why He decided we should stop practicing polygamy for a period of time, it's reasonable to question if it makes sense in relation to who we understand God to be. Is God a god of consistently, is He not always in control even if the odds are stacked against His chosen, and where in the Bible have we ever seen anything similar to an eternally true doctrine being introduced only later be restricted until further notice?
  5. This might be a little out there but has anyone ever thought polygamy wasn't outdated? I fell in love with, well the 'Mormon' way of life through observing polygamy through shows such as 'Big love' and 'Sister wives' so I was open to the idea when I began to investigate the LDS church. I'm still a good standing member, served a mission and I'm not about to go apostate. Sometimes I wonder if it was outdated because it geniuenly was, or because of local law pressures. I'm just wondering if others would ever practice the principle or plural marriage if the first presidency brought it back. Maybe some LDS do still practice in secret.
  6. In several other topics, we've seen a melding of the concepts of polygamy, polyandry, polyamory, and the Celestial idea of Plural Marriage. These are not the same things, and speaking about them as if they were only muddies the waters and makes understanding more difficult than it need be. The superset is polygamy: from the Greek, meaning "many joinings", i.e., marriages (whether formalized or not) between or among multiple partners, male or female, same-sex or natural. Completely within "polygamy" are "polyandry" and "polygyny". The former means "many men", the latter, "many women". "Polygamy" also subsumes "polyamory", a portmanteau (mixing of Greek and Latin roots) meaning "many loves", i.e., several men and/or several women who engage in sex with each other promiscuously, including homosex if desired, with the knowledge and consent of all of the others in the "family". "Polygyny" could mean (but I've never seen it used this way) same-sex joinings between/among women. In parallel, "polyandry" could mean (but unattested) the common homosexual practice of having multiple homosexual males partners. In general, however, either means heterosexual marriages (formal or not) with one partner of one sex and multiple partners of the complementary sex. "Plural Marriage" is a subset of "polygyny" (with some "outerlaps", that is, parts that common polygyny does not include). Plural Marriage is not the subject of this topic. Please do not raise it, and only use scriptures (please divorce them from their spiritual basis) to support or undermine the other, legitimate, subjects. An example might be 1 Samuel 1, wherein we meet Hannah and her polygynous husband and see the strife between the wives of Elkanah. The question to be examined here would be "Is polygyny inherently stressful, or can two women share a husband without harming each other?" Finally, while it is a major issue in our time (we're not alone, the ancients did it, too), serial polygamies of whatever sort, don't lend themselves to this topic, either. Divorces and remarriages have little redeeming value, absent brutality. Jesus condemned them, and that's good enough for me. The goal (assuming "goal" isn't too strong a word) of this topic is to examine the plusses and minuses of each arrangement. It would be really nice if participants could keep it scholarly and detached. This is a potentially contentious topic, deeply imbued with emotion. That's not the point. Lehi
  7. This is a question that I posed to the missionaries yesterday, during a dinner thing at one of the members' houses. (I've actually been going to dinner with the missionaries quite a lot this week, it's been pretty good in helping me feel the spirit more). Joseph Smith practiced polygamy and he got married to a 14 year old, Helen Mar Kimball. Why is this allowed? It's not something we'd want to associate with the leader of our church. They said that polygamy was allowed, at that time, because God wanted them to produce more kids, so that the church would grow. If this is the case, why did he only have kids with his first wife, Emma Hale, and not with any of the other women he married? They also said that there's a difference between getting married and being sealed, and that he was "sealed" to Helen but it wasn't an actual marriage. When explaining the difference between marriage and sealing, they said that even friends can be sealed to one another (the example they gave was if the two missionaries were to be sealed together, in a brotherly way - can two unrelated guys actually be sealed like this?) but that it isn't a marriage, and that Joseph Smith didn't have sex with Helen. I Googled this when I got home, and there is no evidence of them having sex. But, if that's the case, then why do so many people use his "marriage" to a fourteen year old as a reason why the church is allegedly corrupt?
  8. I've been answering questions about Mormon Doctrine on Yahoo Answers and the "Law of Sarah" has been mentioned a couple of times that I've seen. What is the Law of Abraham and what is the Law of Sarah "Law of Sarah" on Does the Law of Abraham mean that it was OK to have more than one wife and did the law of Sarah mean that the first wife would have to give permission for a man to take a second wife? Is this what the Law of Sarah means?
  9. I looked for a thread discussing the TV show and did not find one so forgive me if I've missed it. Is anyone watching it? What do you think of it? How do you feel while watching it? With the changes in law regarding marriage, do you think polygamy is on the horizon again? If so, after seeing the show does it scare you? My answers: Yes, obviously I watch it. It's interesting to see the cross over from FLDS to LDS but I've heard everyone is a plant except one girl. I feel dirty and anxious. It feels like I'm supporting something that's wrong or watching it. I've thought about polygamy a lot and have always said I wouldn't have a problem sharing my husband but I certainly wouldn't want to have to live in an environment like I've heard is the way FLDS live. Yes, it does.
  10. My teenage daughter recently asked me a tough question. She said she found out that Lorenzo Snow took a 15 year old wife when he was 57 years old and they had 5 children. Being the same age she was mortified and said there is no way a 15 year old girl wants to enter into a romantic relationship with a 57 year old man and that the only way something like this happens is with a forced marriage like Warren Jeffs and his wives. How would you explain these marriages? UJ
  11. Am I the only one that thinks that maybe, just maybe, polygamy started with other members of the church, and then Brigham, not Joseph? [i'll talk about why later on, just wanna see what you all have to say first]