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  1. Hi. I've applied for an LDS mission. Papers have been sent away etc so wondering when will it arrive? 1. Yesterday, I had a meeting with my Elders and the branch president happened to be in the chapel at the same time. He told me he had looked at the application and it had now left Germany (the Area HQ) and was going to the brethren in Salt Lake. He looked at the application on Sunday, and the last time he had checked before that was Wednesday, so basically the papers could have left Germany at any stage in this past week. ~How long does it take to send the application from Germany to Salt Lake? Is that part also done online, in which case does Salt Lake receive it immediately? / How much of the entire process is done online? When the brethren send the call to Germany, is that also online, and then it's sent via post from Germany to my house in Ireland? 2. What day of the week do the brethren assign mission calls? How long, after it's been sent to Salt Lake, will it take the brethren to look at my application? Do they look at every application they receive that week, or does it take a few weeks? My missionaries say that March is a fairly quiet month for applications so hopefully it doesn't take too long! 3. If the application's been sent to Salt Lake now, how long will it take for the call to reach my house? Should it be there by Easter (April 16th)? 4. As it's passed through Area HQ, does that mean there's no way my papers are going to be sent back now? I never included a passport, does that not matter? 5. Am I guaranteed to be called, or is there still a chance I won't be called? If the brethren pray and can't think of a place to send me, what happens? Also, I know a lot of people find the wait nerve-wrecking (the wait between when they send off the papers and when they receive the call) but I'm glad to wait. It gives me extra time to be prepared, so that once I've opened the call I'll be in the "missionary mindset". Anything I lack at, I'm trying to improve on between now and then.
  2. Thanks guys. One final question, and it seems better to ask it here rather than creating a separate thread: the missionary handbook says that mishies have to shave every day. The thing is my facial hair's so dark that, even though I shave every day, I still have a lot of stubble left. Is this going to get me in trouble with the Mission President or is this rule not really that important?
  3. Really? Did not know that. Well, you're right - I'm probably worrying too much about this stuff. I should just relax, save as much money as I can and trust that - if the Lord wants me to serve a mission - things will work out fine
  4. I live in Ireland (so next to the UK). Not sure if I should say that on these forums (especially if someone I know uses these forums, it wouldn't take too long to figure out who I am, seeing as how I've mentioned my age, when I got baptised and when I'm serving a mission) but yeah, I'm Irish. For basic unskilled work we can make around €800 a month. However, I'm currently on jobseekers (looking for work) so I get €180 a week (so €720 a month). That said, I have a job interview on Thursday so, if that goes well, I'd be making the €800 per month. After my mission, I'm aiming to go to college at a BYU so I'll be able to make better money then. Hopefully your son manages to go out by July. We get our callings before we leave so I'll still have access to the internet. When I get my calling, I'll tell you and we can check if me and your son are serving in the same mission XD How willing are members to do that though? And I come from a small ward (there's only like 50 active members). Not sure how much money that would raise. There's €2000 in the church's mission funds at the moment, but that's covering four missionaries (me and three others) who are all planning to go out around the same time. That said, I definitely won't let money be a deterrent from serving my mission. I'd still like to be prepared and know that everything's taken care off, hence why I'm asking
  5. Really? But what if person X decides to pay some money for person Y's mission? How is person Y going to be able to thank them? Yeah, I know there's nothing wrong with being the oldest guy in the mission. However, basing the decision on things that really matter, I think that I'm ready to serve a mission. I go teaching with the missionaries every single day, and have been doing so since the start of this summer. I've learnt a lot from them, and I think I'm ready for whatever challenges the mission will throw at me. Yes, I could wait another 6 months but then it's a redundant waiting game. I've prayed about it a lot, and I honestly think that God wants me to serve a mission as soon as I can (in June, just after the one-year anniversary of my baptism. We can't serve before being in the church for a year) Sunday21, took your advice and decided to make a GoFundMe. Not sure how successful it will be or not but worth a try
  6. Thanks guys. So, for clarification: missionaries ARE allowed to save part of the weekly income they get during their mission, and use that to pay back some funds, yeah? I mean, I realise that the church/stake might help but as Caborendum pointed out, I'll think of any money that I get from other people as a debt. The bishop's already told me that he might lend a hand, in which case I'm going to help him in several years when his children are old enough to go on a mission. I'm 22 years old - I can't afford to wait any longer or I'll be the oldest guy in the mission field! (I got baptised at the start of this year, hence why I didn't go on a mission before now) Ouch. If I had been you in that situation and a missionary that I had already made payments for said "nope, I'm going off to college instead of serving a mission", I'd also probably lose it. It seems a little rude for him to ask you to help with payments only to turn around like that. Glad he went on his mission in the end though. Hmmm, crowd funding sounds like a good idea but (a) I have no idea how I'd get people to actually find the page and (b) I'm not sure if the church would be okay with that. I'm guessing that, to have a successful crowd funding campaign, you need to show your face so the people paying know who you are - if the church doesn't like crowdfunding for missions, it might mean that I won't get called..
  7. Hey y'all. Some of you may remember me from the start of the year, when I first started investigating the church and had a lot of questions and struggles, which have since been answered. The church has completely helped change my life for the better, I'm no longer struggling with the stuff I used struggle with and I'm grateful for it everyday. I talked with my bishop this week and, if all goes well, I'm due to start my mission in summer of next year. I have done a lot of preparation for it: helping teach with the missionaries every day (I've been called as one of the two ward missionaries), learning my scripture and adhering to the commandments. However, the one problem: money. I make 180 a week. The cost of a mission is around 8500. If I save every bit of money I have between now and then, I'll have at most 6000. The bishop says that the church pays for some of it, but currently there's only 2000 in the church funds and there are two other missionaries hoping to serve around the same time as me, and one other person who said he might be serving but seems to be having a change-of-heart atm. They've been in the church a lot longer than I have, and their families are members of the church, so it's likely that the funds will be used to help finance them instead, if there isn't enough to cover all of us. One thing: My family are okay with me going on a mission. However, they don't want to pay anything towards it because my mum's afraid that, in a few months, i'll change my mind and decide not to go. However, are we able to serve without paying the full price? As in, as long as we have it all paid before the end of our mission, is that okay? If I do go on my mission, then she'll know that I haven't changed my mind and I might be able to ask her to pay for the remainder of it over the two years, for my birthday and Christmas presents of those years, and I'll repay her when I get back. Basically, does anyone have any advice on how to save for a mission and the best way of financing it, and the best way of asking my family to help? I hate asking anyone to help but, if I want to serve a mission as soon as this summer, I might need her input! Also, I've got some job interviews lined up, obviously if I get a job that will help with the costs!
  8. Hmm, I understand where you're coming from. However, we had the Law of Chastity lesson with our 17 year old investigator before (she'd also be considered a "minor female") so maybe different rules depending on what mission you're in?
  9. Thanks for the pamphlets. Unfortunately, we live nowhere near a temple and the only French-speaking local church member went home about a month ago. Neither me nor the missionaries are female. Why? If it's about "The Rule of Three", I thought that - as long as there are three males there teaching one female - it's ok? Most of the time when missionaries ask me to help them teach, it's with a female. We've tried using google translate, but it can be a bit distracting at times, always having to stop what we're saying to check up the French version of a word. Good approach, but I was more concerned with when we're teaching her about the rules of dating and what is/isn't allowed (eg heavy-petting, kissing etc) We used to teach her mum (that's how we found her) but her mum's since lost interest. She used to sit with us when we taught the daughter but we haven't seen her for a few lessons now.
  10. Hi. I meet with the local missionaries every day to teach one of the investigators, who's getting baptised at the end of this month (she's asked me to baptise her I have two questions: 1 - she speaks French. Her English is improving but neither me nor the mishies know French. Any tips on how to navigate this language gap? 2 - she's 11 years old. We haven't taught her this yet and I'm too afraid to ask the mishies as it's sorta awkward but how do we teach the Law of Chastity to her? I mean, she probably hasn't learnt about sex yet. Do missionaries usually skip this lesson entirely when dealing with youngsters or what usually happens in these cases? The other investigators I've helped teach are all older (the youngest is 17)
  11. Thanks. I'm guessing that, if it was deleted before I got to see it, there's no way to "undelete" it?
  12. When I logged into my account a few minutes ago, there was a red dot by the envelope at the top of the screen which, when you click on it, lets your view your inbox. The red dot had the number "one" written on it, but when I clicked on the envelope, the dot disappeared and I had no new messages. If someone could explain that, that would be great
  13. When I logged into my account a few minutes ago, there was a red dot by the envelope at the top of the screen which, when you click on it, lets your view your inbox. The red dot had the number "one" written on it, but when I clicked on the envelope, the dot disappeared and I had no new messages. If someone could explain that, that would be great
  14. When I logged into my account a few minutes ago, there was a red dot by the envelope at the top of the screen which, when you click on it, lets your view your inbox. The red dot had the number "one" written on it, but when I clicked on the envelope, the dot disappeared and I had no new messages. If someone could explain that, that would be great