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  1. StudMuff

    A Question For The Teens...

    If they don't like my views I punch them in the face
  2. StudMuff

    Hey! i am kelsey!

    So you have a lover kelsey?
  3. StudMuff

    Do U Date?

    Ariel, I'll date you baby gurl
  4. StudMuff

    The Passion of the Christ

    The movie is not anti-semetic in any sense. Anyone who claims it is is just denying the truth. Watch the movie, its great.
  5. LDS doctrine does not say that ALL Native Americans are from Jerueselum, correct? In other words, not all Native Americans are descendants of Lehi? Weren't there already people upon the American continent, prior to Lehis arrival? Thanks in advance.
  6. StudMuff

    Question about the beggining of man

    Thanks for all your replies guys! Much obliged.
  7. If Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth, and they were in Missouri....then how did all the people get to all the different places in the world?
  8. StudMuff

    I'm 250 Lbs. And I'm Beautiful!

    Idk, I thought he was fruity or something
  9. StudMuff

    Marriage Tip For The Guys

    God gave our hands a backside for a reason... Dust 'em off boys.... jk
  10. StudMuff

    I'm 250 Lbs. And I'm Beautiful!

    Whoa, Elphaba, I always thought u were a dude
  11. StudMuff

    Are black people...

    So the guy is pretty much an ignorant fool?
  12. StudMuff

    Are black people...

    descendants of Cain? I was having an argument with a person and he said that the "Mormon Bible" (You always know people don't know what they're talking about when they say "Mormon Bible") states that black people are the "Soulless descendants of Cain". What exactly does the BoM say concerning the lineage of black people?
  13. StudMuff

    Zietgeist movie

    The first part of the movie tries to prove that Christianity is based of the Zodiac, and is false. The other parts of the movie deals with the rich in this country controlling everything and the third part tries to prove that 9/11 was an inside job.
  14. StudMuff

    Zietgeist movie

    Thanks a train! Much obliged babygurl.