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Found 4 results

  1. Since 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, should not the followers of the Lamb of God expect great things? Surely, this is a season to be praying, to be sharing our faith, to 'never tire in doing good works, and to always be found 'about the Father's business.' Or...Am I just trying to Christianize an Asian pagan system of fortune telling???
  2. The thought came to my mind after listening to two months of teleconference sacrament meeting in China. Why? It is because I noticed that almost no anecdote of exchange between US expatriates and local Chinese has been mentioned or referred to in the sacrament meeting talk or in the testimonies given. What are talked about, of people, are mostly about families back in the States, news of home wards, etc., and about co-expats here, and none else. I felt as if these people are here in China, but their topics, their minds are basically facing back toward America. And their associations are limited among co-expatriates themselves. So the comparison to the people of the Book of Mormon, where neither the Nephites nor the Lamanites mentioned the local natives at all though they moved into a new land. Writing the thought I noticed that the major reason for this is to be found in the enormous difficultness of the language, Chinese to the Westerners. But still I think it is expected of the visitors who would stay for a substantial length of time to learn and speak the local language. It is part of newcomers obligation and courtesy. And aren’t lds known for their ability to speak foreign languages? (The thought is posted in my Japanese blog NJWindow(J) dated 29 Oct. ‘09)
  3. How would you like to get from San Diego to Seattle in 8 hours? World's longest fast train line opens in China - Yahoo! News I would love it if the USA had the kind of infrastructure to allow these kind of train travel times. Minus the bribes and dead bodies... Maybe the reason we don't is attitude of 'We have planes, we don't need trains!'?
  4. My husband and I have been in China since August of 2006. First with the Kennedy Center for Internationals Studies at BYU with the China Teachers Program (CTP) for two years, teaching in Qingdao at Ocean University of China. Upon arriving home we received a call to return to China, this time for 23 months as Humanitarian Volunteers. We arrived back in China in February of 2009. As LDS Charities representatives working with a local charity here, The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), is a lot of fun. The ACWF has asked that we teach at the China Women's University, which has 4,000 girls and 39 boys. Which is great! Most senior couples when they elect to serve have to pay for their own "M" - we don't because the university provides us with an apartment, maid service to clean every week and change the sheets!, and we receive a wage to teach - which is sufficient for us to live off one income and bank the other! Can't beat that with a stick!! So, we are here in Beijing teaching, serving, NO PROSELYTING, active OR passive - PERIOD!!! But there are those that have a spark in their eyes! And there are those that have dull eyes. Life is absolutely wonderful!!!! Oh, we have 7 grown children, 15 grandchildren. . . . and they all support us and cheer us on!! How can we lose?