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Found 4 results

  1. It's getting closer to the date when my wife and myself will be moving to the states. As a result, I've started looking at IT related jobs in Florida just to get a general feel of pay scales and availability in the individual areas. I do have one question from the results I've seen though. Many jobs that I feel would be ideal for me as I meet all the other requirements, append the clause of "U.S. citizens only" to the job description and requirements meaning I'm not eligible to apply as I'll only be a legal resident, at least for the first three years that I'll be living in the states. When this is stated on the job description, is it to be taken at face value, or are they using the wrong terminology and really mean you have to be able to legally work in the US whether a US citizen or legal resident? I admit I do feel a little bit disadvantaged as a result of this clause, so many jobs I've seen include it and makes me wonder how easy it'll be for me to find employment once we move. Thanks
  2. I am new to the site and wasn't sure if this was the appropriate way to go about this, but I will ask anyway. I am newly widowed (wife passed away a year ago) I have three kids 7 and under and starting med school. I am looking for a part time Nanny and wanted her to be LDS, but don't really know how to go about posting for something like that. If there is anyone who knows the best way to do that or where to look I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone! Boy, its been a long time since I have posted here, lol. Just wanted to ask-- has anyone gone through the work placement and career training that Deseret Industries offers? Did it help you? Did you like doing it? Situation: I got divorced, because Shawn just would not give up the gambling, no matter what I did, what help I tried to get for him, or what the good people at the church did to help. He lost everything to the casino, and got us evicted from our apartment. So I divorced him, and moved back to my home town. I'm currently staying with my mother, until I can get back on my feet around this area. Anyway, during the marriage (if you can call it that, lol), I ran a part-time business from home on the internet. It was ok, with my husband's income. But now.... I have very little "regular" work or training experience. I know I'm gonna have to be totally independent now, like maybe go to career school, find where I belong job-wise, get my own place, etc. Which sounds like a healthier change of pace, while I get my head and heart sorted out. Even if it is going to be an extremely bumpy ride... :) So I visited the local LDS employment office... But really they mostly just allow you the use of their computers, to do internet job searches (which I can do from home, and which I've applied for everything local for someone with my skills and experience, but.. No luck, lol). Maybe they do a few workshops to boost your self confidence, etc. But that's pretty much it. But I went to the Deseret Industries website here: Training and Placement , and they say that at the nearest Deseret Industries (for me its Sacremento, CA, about an hour's drive away), they will put you to work in one of their thrift stores, while they train you in whatever skill you would like to learn, and you can even go to school through the vocational training they sponsor, in local community colleges. You have to get a referral from the bishop to go there, and I'm gonna make an appointment to see our bishop tomorrow, while I'm at church. So yeah, just wanted to see if anyone else has done it and what its like.
  4. Despite the recession, Provo has the nation’s strongest growth for college town jobs, according to a Forbes report released on Tuesday. Thanks to a plethora of small student-related businesses and campus construction, Provo experienced a 2.9 percent growth in jobs between March 2008 and March 2009. Provo managed to outrank 67 other college towns that experienced growth, including towns surrounding Duke University, University of Virginia and Texas A&M. To read the complete story go to: Provo Named Best 'College Town' For Jobs