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Found 2 results

  1. OK... I am about to jump on a grenade here... I am a linguist and translator by trade and hobby. In my studies of language and ancient history I have develloped a serious issue with the Bible. First, I do believe the DOCTRINE to be basically good and true. The History therein has been veryfied to a point. My problem is with the descriptions of various events and people in general. There are NO original documents. The oldest documents we have are dated to a few centuries AFTER the New Testament! How do we know that these documents are accurate copies or translations of the original? How can we (christians) put so much creedence in these writings? In essence my question comes to this: How can we as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put our trust in a set of writings that are unverifieable?
  2. I have created a Book of Mormon Testimony Translation site where bi-lingual LDS members translate testimonies for other members. Any suggestions on how to promote it? It is a perfect way for return missionaries to keep up on their language skills. Book of Mormon Testimony Translator - index Thanks,