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Lamanite wars type and shadow for today.

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AS I was reading in Alma today ( 48 & 49) I had the feeling and understanding that these wars were for me a symbol for spiritual preparedness. As we get further and further into the last days Satan works harder and harder to overpower us. He will do anything and everything to overpower us in order to enslave us. WE need to put spiritual armor on as Moroni's men put on their physical armor. When we have out breastplates, helmet, arm shields on he cannot get to us. Of course we must have our sword of truth, knowledge of the scriptures, to fight the grey areas we find so much in today's life. When we discover he is getting through the little cracks, like around our feet and legs, we need to regroup, fortify ourselves more fully (like temple attendance, service) to squelch and protect even the more exposed areas.

Also by living righteously, their leader Moroni was able to receive direction from the Holy Ghost as to how to physically protect his people. WE today have a prophet to receive revelation for us to give us the information on how to set up preparations to physically be ready for the difficult days ahead. (growing gardens, food storage, get out of debt)

Any insights from anyone?

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Hi Georgia,

Everytime I read the BOM, I see things clearer... It's definitely written for our days, and for all things we would be facing now.

On those chapters, particularly, they emphasize spiritual preparation. On chapter 48:7, while Amalickiach was working on overtime to obtain his goal by fraud and deceit, Moroni's was doing what? Preparing "the minds of people to be faithful unto the Lord their God." I love this principle!

We are in about the same conditions as they were; we face a major spiritual war, and physical battles as well, and we find ourselves just before the coming of Christ, just like them. We need to be prepared spiritually not only to resist and combat the evils we face today but also to be prepared to receive the teachings we will have at the time of His coming... The conditions of our hearts and minds will play a great role as it does now!

I love the example of Moroni! His faithfulness and trust in God, and also in the Prophet (When he sent his men to go the Alma to find out where the Lamanites had gone and would attack - Alma 43)

I love the fact that he placed reminders of the covenant he made everywhere...

On chapter 49, as you said, be prepared is the theme; they prepared the cities and were vigilant as they went about "fortifying the weak places" and the "weak became strong.'

We certainly need to work on the "weak" spots by presenting them to the Lord and asking for help through the enabling and strengthening power of the Atonement.

As Moroni, let us make covenants, keep them, and then, make "swords"! The power of faith in Christ is a priority!!!

Chapters 51 - 55 are absolutely fabulous for the many crucial principles they teach! From cleaning the "inner vessel," to not leave "srongholds,'" to knowing the difference between knowing what's true and being true to that knowldege, to being admonished to be vigilant so that we are not "poisoned by degrees..." Those are very important and eye-opening principles.

Thanks for helping me review these things!!!

I'm preparing Helaman 1-5 this week... sadly, the battles continued...

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