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Hi my name is Kati Loud. My family and I are LDS. We are going to be featured in a TLC mini series and we wanted to share this info with the group.

We gave away and sold all of our things last year and bought and RV and hit the road. We have been traveling the East Coast this year and have been enjoying it. Our goal is to take our kids to all of the temples in the USA and Canada. We have been to so many amazing places.

Our show airs on October 29 @ 10/9C. The second date is November 5 at the same time. They are showing 2 episodes each night. If there is a large viewing audience there will be a possibility of airing the other episodes soon.

We are on Wednesday night after Jon and Kate plus 8. We are a family of Mom and Dad our two girls Auvi 15 Zoe 13 Our two boys Kelby 10 and Conner 8. We have enjoyed filming so far and we are hoping to present a positive twist on a typical family. We want to show that it is ok to make family first.

Our website is OurLoudFamily It is being redesigned and should be 100% this week. We have a great blog of our travels, forums, and a myspace type program. We have many LDS families and friends who are using this since it is a family friendly approach to a myspace page. If you would like we would encourage you to sign up as a member. This gets you updates on shows etc. We also send out emails on great family deals and we are getting a forum for places to visit for families and much more. If you sign up you can also make a page for your family to share with others.

We want to get the word out about the show. So if you know anyone who may be interested please pass it along. We want to show America that it is ok to take back your family and your life. Also if you like the show please contact TLC and us so we can forward it on. They want to see if the approach to families is well liked.

We are usually in a new ward every week or two, hopefully we will meet some of you then.

Thanks for your time,

Kati and Vernon Loud


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How crazy is this? I was watching your show last night!! But I didn't realize you all were LDS. I saw you dissect the frog, which btw, looked so fun! And I loved how your family kind of bonded over the experience as you worked thru emotion and interest issues.

I think that this idea of yours in wonderful. Living in an RV and on the road? What a wonderful place to learn! I am envious! Wish I had the guts to do something like that.

Anyway, glad to meet you! Hope to hear more from you all.

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