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Well come! I am sure you will learn to do this! It is s good thing to write a list about what to do when you want : 1. get in the forum, 2. read a thread. 3. Write an answer. 4. Start a new theread. I am sure they can arrange for you to always get right in the forum too without password writting aso... my oldest grandson is now 16.... I dont mind if he waits some time to make me a great grandmother though....:D

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Welcome! I was confused on how to get around when I first joined as well... but look how good you're doing, you started a thread! yay you!! If you have any questions, just ask...we're all here to help. Well, some of us are. Palerider is just here to collect your money and Dr T...ummm... yeah, he's just here. :)

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