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Greetings. This is my first post. I wanted to put a plug in for a website that is dead-on with the topic of this thread. The site is I'm having trouble with the link, but I think you can click here. It has a unique perspective. It contains essays about sex and pornography addiction from Latter-day Saints who have successfully found recovery.

The writers talk about what they've done to stop acting out with pornography and compulsive sexual behavior. They explain why it's so hard for many LDS men to admit they even have a problem. They talk about the changes they had to make on the inside with character defects that seemed to have nothing to do with sex and pornography. Most importantly they share how Heavenly Father changed them when they were unable to change themselves.

The site also has essays from LDS women who are finding recovery from damage caused by their husbands' addictive behavior. They are honest and insightful. They give a huge thumbs-up to S-Anon which is a bit unusual because most posters in the Bloggernacle seem to think that the Church's 12 Step group is the only one out there that LDS women should consider. In fact, a lot of LDS women who have tried both the Church's 12 Step and S-Anon tend to stick with...S-Anon.

The same goes for addicts. If they go to the Church's PASG program and then to Sexaholics Anonymous they realize pretty quickly that SA is actually much better at helping LDS men regain their integrity than the Church's own PASG meetings. Latter-day Saints who try SA tend to stick with SA.

I guess the point I'd make is that there are a lot of amazing resources out there for LDS addicts and spouses, if they're willing to look a little outside the four walls of the Church. I encourage you to check out the site. The two most popular essays are "A Letter to the Wives" (What every LDS woman needs to know about sex and pornography addiction) and "The ABCs of Addiction" (The real reasons why so many LDS men can't kick the pornography problem). It's good stuff. Realistic but hopeful.

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