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Dallin H. Oaks (Saturday am session)

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The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the essential message of all the prophets.

Jesus Christ endured incomprehensible suffering.

The atonement of Jesus Christ is at the center of the Plan of Salvation.

Our Savior requires us to offer sacrifices. It now is to offer a broken heart and contrite spirit.

There is no group where members make more sacrifices than in this church.

Mormon Pioneers – Their sacrifices are at the heart of the restored gospel.

The symbols of our Christian faith are the lives of our people.

Missionaries make one of the biggest sacrifices in their service. Those at home make sacrifices so that missionaries can serve.

How do we persuade members to serve? We just ask them.

Other sacrifices are in the work in the temple.

Another one of the biggest services and sacrifices are within our own families.

As you sacrifice for each other and your children the Lord will bless you.

We followers of Christ must make our own sacrifices to meet the destiny of our own plan of salvation.

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