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Henry B. Eyring (Saturday am session)

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Great blessings can come from adversity.

We have faith that the way to rise above trials is to believe that there is a balm of Gilead.

Foundation of faith in the reality of those promises takes time to build.

The ground must be carefully prepared for our foundation to stand the storms that will come into our lives.

Choosing the right consistently creates the solid ground under our faith.

The metal framework is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Serving God and others persistently turns the testimony of truth into unbreakable strength.

We build a foundation of faith by following the Savior and acting as He would.

It is never too late to lay the foundation of faith.

The hardest as well as the easiest of times in life can be a blessing.

We never need to feel alone or unloved in the Lord’s service because we never are.

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